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9 Makeup Tips for Blondes ...

By Heather

Finding all of the right makeup tips for blondes isn't easy, especially because there are so many different blonde hair colors out there! Well girls, I'm a natural honey-blonde and I've got to say, I've got the low-down on the best makeup tips for blondes that will truly allow your sunshine strands to stand out! So girls, you ready to look at my top 9 makeup tips for blondes that will make your hair color shine?

1 Remember Your Eye Color

Remember Your Eye Color The first makeup tip for blondes that you've got to keep in mind is your eye color! Some eye colors might not work with some of the colors below, but might work with other colors. Keep your blues, greens, hazel or browns in mind ladies!

2 Peachy Blush

Peachy Blush If you are really looking for that sun-kissed look that will last all day, peachy blush ladies! Blush like this can look great with any blonde hair color and it's one of the few makeup tips for blondes that actually works all year round! So girls, you ready to get into some sun with some peaches?

3 Avoid Pale Pinks

Avoid Pale Pinks We'll get into other pale colors that can drain you out, but pale pinks are a big no-no for blondes! They can actually just fade away and look like nothing. So go a little bolder and brighter!

4 Beach Blondes: Warm Colors

Beach Blondes: Warm Colors So girls, this is the part of the makeup tips for blondes that we'll explore each color! If you're a beach blonde, you might actually find warm colors such as copper and bronze will work really well with your hair color! Never tried these colors before? Give it a try and let us know how it works!

5 Golden Blondes: Pinks & Peaches

Golden Blondes: Pinks & Peaches If you are a golden blonde, you actually want to go for peaches (like our peachy blush above!) and pinks! Go a little bold with this, you have the color to back it up! Remember though, avoid the pale, pale pinks and go with something a little deeper!

6 Platinum Blondes: Cool Colors

Platinum Blondes: Cool Colors Finally, you platinum blondes out there, you can actually go with cooler colors, such as blues and silvers! The reasoning behind that is because your hair is so, so light and bright! So girls, go a little crazy with blues and silvers!

7 Skin Tone Matters

Skin Tone Matters When you are dealing with makeup and looking for the perfect makeup tips for blondes, you want to make sure that you are taking your skin tone into account. For example, I'm super pale, so I'd never go with something that would make me paler, instead I would go with something bolder and brighter!

8 Play up the Lips

Play up the Lips When you are a blonde, you can actually play up so many different facial features and your lips are one of them! Girls, feel free to wear that red lipstick or even go with a little lip gloss on there to make them shiny. Draw attention to your lips girls!

9 No Pale Colors

No Pale Colors Finally, remember the no pale pink? Well, that goes for a lot of colors! Greens, blues and even some grays and all look a little less than desirable on a blonde. Just remember, you want mostly bold and bright, as long as your skin tone works with the colors!

So all you bombshells, these makeup tips for blondes are for you! Do you have any other makeup tips for blondes to share that have worked? Sound off below!

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