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7 Tips to Care for Your Makeup Brushes ...

By Rebecca

Good quality makeup brushes are an investment; they don’t come cheap, but they make the process of putting on your cosmetics just that much easier and that much more successful. In addition, they’re designed to last; while inexpensive variations tend to break – the bristles fall out, the padding comes off etc – well-made, and most importantly, well-maintained brushes are built to last. With a little care and attention, along with regular, effective cleaning to ensure persistent hygiene, yours should keep going for quite a while. To help you with the maintenance of your toolkit, I’ve compiled this list of 7 tips to care for your makeup brushes.

1 Make the Right Choice

To begin with, it is always a good idea to invest in a set of good-quality makeup brushes. As we’ve established, these might cost you a little bit more, but, with a little maintenance, they’ll last longer and apply your cosmetics more effectively. When you are considering purchasing a set, take time to perform certain checks: examine how securely the brush head is connected to the stem, check that the fibre of the bristles is soft and smooth (natural options are best) and, if you can, go for a set that comes with a handy protective carry-case.

2 Wipe

After every use, take a moment to gently wipe the excess makeup from your brush. It’s a good idea to keep a small soft cloth in your makeup bag for this purpose: if the product is allowed to accumulate on the bristles of the brush, over time it will begin to erode the fibres which weaken, fall out or break.


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3 Store Wisely

When they aren’t in use, your good quality makeup brushes should be kept either lying flat and secure, or standing upright. This will help to ensure they maintain their shape and that the bristles don’t become bent or broken. If your brushes didn’t come with a specially designed storage and carry case, you might want to invest in one.

4 Shampoo

As we all know, badly maintained makeup brushes can be a source of bacteria. In order to make sure yours aren’t putting your health at risk, you’ll need to clean them efficiently at least once every two weeks. You can do this using a store-bought cleaner, or by gently shampooing the bristles in warm water.

5 Rinse

Once you have very gently massages a small quantity of shampoo or cleaner into each brush, make sure that you rinse it thoroughly under the cold tap. Only when the water is running clear through the bristles is the brush clean and ready to be dried.

6 Dry

It is very important that your brushes dry thoroughly before you return them to their carry case. Using an absorbent towel, very gently squeeze the excess moisture out of the bristles. Don’t rub or tug; this will damage and loosen the fibres so that they break and fall out.

7 Evaporate

Once you have removed all of the excess moisture, lie the brushes on a flat surface with their bristles smoothed into the position in which you would like them to remain, and allow them to air dry completely. Don’t be tempted to speed up the process by using your blowdrier; your brushes should never be exposed to excessive heat.

Good quality make up brushes don’t come cheap; in order to extend the life of yours and to make sure they remain clean and hygienic at all times, you’ll need to subject them to a little regular maintenance. This list of 7 tips to care for your makeup brushes should get you on the right track: have I left anything important off it?

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