7 Tips for Streamlining Your Makeup Collection ...


7 Tips for Streamlining Your Makeup Collection ...
7 Tips for Streamlining Your Makeup Collection ...

Streamlining your makeup collection can have many benefits. It will help you reduce clutter, save time, and maintain a healthy makeup collection. I like to regularly sort through my collection every six months or so. Below are just a few tips to help you out.

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Throw out Expired Items

First and foremost, throw out makeup that is past its expiry date. Keeping old makeup will only wreak havoc on your skin. Sorting through your items also will help you differentiate between high and low rotation items. Take note of colours and brands that you don’t wear and remember to purchase items that you use on a regular basis.


Choose Colours That Suit Your Skin Tone

While it’s fun to experiment with colour, a solid makeup collection should consist primarily of colours that suit your skin tone. These are the colours that you will use day in and day out. These items will have you looking and feeling great, no matter what the situation.


Get Organised

Categorise your makeup collection. Invest in a stylish storage unit and organise your makeup based on type, colour, or brand. Your high rotation items should be the most visible. Not only will organising your makeup collection reduce clutter, it will also make it easier to find each item.


Regularly Clean Your Utensils

This is important in maintaining a hygienic makeup collection. Wash your brushes regularly with baby shampoo, or even face wash. It’s also worthwhile to clean your utensils with an alcohol-based formula. Regularly cleaning your utensils will also prolong their lifespan, meaning that you will save money in the long run.


Make the Most of Multi-Purpose Items

Using items with multiple purposes is a great way to save space in your makeup collection. The best kind of multi-purpose items include stains which can be used on lips and cheeks. Fine, loose powders are also great as they can be applied as eye shadows or highlighters. Cream based formulas in neutral colours can also be applied to various areas of the face. These all help you get more bang for your buck.


Customise Your Palettes

Look out for brands that allow you to choose your own colour palettes. I find that I primarily use one or two colours in pre-made palettes. Being able to customise your own is great because you can have all of your favourite colours in the one spot. Palettes minimise on space and also make transporting your makeup collection easier.


Replace and Maintain

When you’ve finished streamlining your makeup collection, it will be easier to see the ‘gaps’ in your collection. Write a list of things that you may need and keep it in mind next time you are at a beauty counter. Also remember to regularly sort through your makeup collection. This will make it easier to maintain in the long run.

What does your makeup collection look like? Do have any tips to share?

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Hello, Great article Sophia just wanted to ask you a question. Where did u get that Make up box that is in the picture. I have been looking for one like that for a while. I would be grateful if you could please help me. Thanx xx

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