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8 Tips for Keeping Your Makeup Clean ...

By Alison

Knowing how to keep makeup clean is very important. After all, who wants to get eye infections or other nasty conditions? You might not take much notice of expiration dates on cosmetics, but they are there for a reason. When it comes to makeup, cleanliness definitely is a virtue, so here are some tips on how to keep makeup clean.

1 Use Tools

The first point regarding how to keep makeup clean is to always use tools. This is especially important where the product is in a pot. Never put your fingers directly into a product; if you can´t squeeze it out, use a spatula. Always use brushes for any kind of powder or cream makeup.

2 Wash Brushes

When did you last clean your makeup brushes? Chances are, it wasn't that recently. Brushes should be cleaned regularly, using a gentle product like baby shampoo or even some dish soap! Once washed, lay the brushes out on a towel and leave to dry.


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3 Shelf Life

It might seem ridiculous to have a "use by" date on makeup, and it can also be annoying when you don't use the product up in time. However, you don't want any problems from using makeup that's too old. This is especially true of mascara, so replace that regularly, even if it means throwing some away. This is another way to keep makeup clean and to keep your makeup bag up-to-date!

4 Don't Share Makeup

One of the most common tips on how to keep makeup clean is to avoid sharing it. You don't want to pick up an eye infection because you ran out of mascara and used your friends! Keep in mind, some people might not take care of their makeup like you do, so it's better to be safe than sorry!

5 Keep Cool

In hot weather makeup can spoil very easily. So make sure you keep it in a cool place, away from any source of heat. In a very hot climate, it may even be necessary to keep products in the fridge. This can also make them more refreshing in the heat!

6 Wash Hands before Applying

When it comes to knowing how to keep makeup clean, something that is often neglected is washing your hands before applying any makeup. Hygiene isn't just important in food preparation. Always wash your hands before you touch any product, even if you are squeezing it into your hand from a tube.

7 Discard

As well as paying attention to use-by dates on makeup, do check any makeup or cosmetic products every now and then. If they smell strange, or look like they have gone off, throw them away. Never use any product that doesn't look or smell right.

8 Close Lids Tightly

Always make sure that you close the lids firmly on any makeup product. This will help stop bacteria getting in, and thus keep them clean. Being conscientious about closing everything, whether it's an eye shadow or a foundation, also helps avoid spillages.

There are lots of tips on how to keep makeup clean, and it's important to follow them. There´s no sense in getting irritated skin or infections just because you didn't follow a few basic rules! So be careful about keeping your makeup clean, and you'll avoid any problems. Have you ever had any problems because of makeup?

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