17 Quick Face Fixes for when You Don't Have Time to Apply Makeup ...

Let me begin by adding that this is also a list of quick fixes for anyone who doesn't like to apply a lot of makeup. For the most part, I fall into that category. I don't like to go out without any makeup because I just don't feel confident without a little something, but I rarely have the inclination or the time to do much. Quickly dealing with your problem areas and, even more importantly, always playing up your best features is the way to go. You'll feel awesome as well as comfortable, and you'll look just lovely!

1. Hide Your Tired Eyes with Just a Little Eyeliner

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You don't have to use white, either, although that's usually the go-to tip. Instead, go for a pencil several shades lighter than your skin tone. Whatever nude works for you, from peach to warm tan to a rich dark brown. Line your water line and it will open up your eyes and make them look far less tired, but still natural.

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