17 Makeup Looks for Girls Wanting to Glam up Their Look ...

By Eliza

17 Makeup Looks for Girls Wanting to Glam up Their Look ...

It's always fun to try new makeup trends, but it takes stocking up on the right products to get the job done. Whether you stick with the latest and greatest or you want to really stand out with your own look, add these makeup products to your cosmetics bag and you'll always be the best looking girl in town.

Table of contents:

  1. eye shadow pattern
  2. lots of bright color
  3. red eyes and lips
  4. burnished copper is trending
  5. eyes with impact
  6. pink smoky eye
  7. blue eyeliner and pink shadow
  8. yellow lids
  9. double winged eyeliner
  10. totally amazing
  11. different colors above and below
  12. red and yellow eyes
  13. try something bright and metallic
  14. turquoise all over
  15. crazy lines
  16. vampy with red
  17. colored mascara

1 Eye Shadow Pattern

Eye Shadow Pattern Source: mathANDbeauty: August 2013

2 Lots of Bright Color

Lots of Bright Color Source: eye primer – Glam Doll

3 Red Eyes and Lips

Red Eyes and Lips Source: KITTENMOUSTACHE: Video: Cheryl Cole

4 Burnished Copper is Trending

Burnished Copper is Trending Source: youtube.com

5 Eyes with Impact

Eyes with Impact Source: Rock And Roll Beauty Looks

6 Pink Smoky Eye

Pink Smoky Eye Source: Pink Smokey Eye Makeup for

7 Blue Eyeliner and Pink Shadow

Blue Eyeliner and Pink Shadow Source: 5 Different and unique eye

8 Yellow Lids

Yellow Lids Source: Redirect

9 Double Winged Eyeliner

Double Winged Eyeliner Source: 30-days' eye makeup challenge: Look

10 Totally Amazing

Totally Amazing Source: Remarkable Makeup And Beauty Ideas

11 Different Colors above and below

Different Colors above and below Source: youtube.com

12 Red and Yellow Eyes

Red and Yellow Eyes Source: XOXO Alexis Leigh: Autumn Spice

13 Try Something Bright and Metallic

Try Something Bright and Metallic Source: Greek Golden Goddess Halloween Makeup

14 Turquoise All over

Turquoise All over Source: Creative Eye Makeup Looks and

15 Crazy Lines

Crazy Lines Source: Beautiful Eye Makeup Styles

16 Vampy with Red

Vampy with Red Source: youtube.com

17 Colored Mascara

Colored Mascara Source: Colored Mascara For All Eye

Which of these items do you want to have?

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