10 Tips for Women New to Using Liquid Liner ...


10 Tips for Women New to Using Liquid Liner ...
10 Tips for Women New to Using Liquid Liner ...

Liquid liner is the best way to get the classic, dramatic look that’s so loved. The finished look of liquid liner is timeless and never goes out of style. But liquid eyeliner is not easy to apply, at least when you’re new at it. These’re some tips to help you master liquid liner and achieve the beautiful results you’re dreaming of.

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Practice when You’re Hanging at Home

Liquid eyeliner can be tricky when you’re new at it. For this reason, it’s best to try it out the first few times when you’re hanging out at home or when you’re only going places where you’re not overly concerned about your appearance. In other words, don’t try liquid liner for the first time when you have an interview or a first date. You may get it perfect on your first try or it could be a disaster. You don’t want to have to completely redo your makeup if it goes wrong.


Rest Your Elbow on a Solid Surface

You’ll quickly notice that it’s difficult to keep your hand steady when you’re applying liquid liner, at least at first. Liquid liner requires precision and isn’t as forgiving as pencil. Your hand will be steadier when you rest your elbow on a solid surface. If you do your makeup in the bathroom the sink provides a perfect place. If makeup happens for you at a vanity then use that.


Start in the Middle

It’s a lot more difficult to control liquid liner than pencil or retractable eyeliners. With other forms, you can start at your inner corner and glide it to the outer corner in one smooth motion. Liquid liner seems to work best when you start the application in the middle. First concentrate on applying your liner to the outward corner, widening as you go. After that, go back and lightly line the inner portion of your eye.


Stay Close to the Lash Line

It’s easy to go off track with any eyeliner and end up with a gap. But that chance doubles when you’re using liquid liner. Additionally, liquid liner is such a dark, inky black that mistakes show up vividly. Be sure you’re lining close enough to your lash line. If you discover you haven’t done that, don’t panic. You can always go back and fill the gaps in.


Step Back from the Mirror and Survey Your Work

After you’ve applied eyeliner to both eyes, step back from the mirror to look at your work. Is the eyeliner symmetrical? Or do you have one eye that has a thicker line? If you notice any differences, go back and correct them. It’s easier to do it now than after you’ve applied your mascara.


Clean up Any Stray Marks with Q-Tips and Concealer

It’s practically impossible to apply liquid liner without any mistakes or stray marks occurring. This’s especially true when you’re a beginner. Clean up is easier than you would think, though. Most mistakes will come right off just by dabbing them with a q-tip, especially if you can catch it before it dries. For stubborn spots, dab a bit of concealer on and reapply eyeshadow on top.


Experiment with Different Forms of Liquid Eyeliner

If your first experience with liquid liner doesn’t go well, don’t give up. There’re different forms of liquid eyeliner. You may even find that some brands work better than others for you. Most liquid liners have either a brush end or a felt tip. If one doesn’t work then try the other. And hang with it; you’ll improve with practice!


Watch Plenty of Tutorials

Okay so no one expects you to nail the art that is liquid eyeliner on the first go...unless you have a particularly good hand with makeup, that is! To help you out, you might want to try watching a couple of tutorials from the many makeup experts on YouTube, who will most likely be able to give you a few tips and advice such as best brands to buy, best techniques to apply and other handy info along these lines!


Practise on Other People

Some people may find it easier to do their own makeup rather than other people's, but this won't be true for everyone. If you're someone who finds it easier to work on a face that's right in front of you as opposed to yourself in a mirror, you might want to give this a try when it comes to mastering liquid eyeliner!


Use a Double-Sided Mirror

Often using a multi-purpose mirror can make all the difference when trying to master a new makeup skill - especially one as tricky as liquid eyeliner - so make sure you pick yourself up a cheap to affordable double sided mirror that you can either place on your vanity or in the bathroom! Trust me, it can really help to practise straight lines and neat flicks for the perfect cat eye using the side that acts as a super handy magnifying glass!

These 10 tips can help you master liquid liner. Are these tips helpful to you? Eyeliner experts are welcome to add your advice, too!

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Even tho i don't use eyeliner these tips are still helpful

They r so pretty , but I think it deoends on our skin condition and other makup or else no mattet how perfect ur eye liner is still not gonna look nice

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