10 Tips for Women New to Using Liquid Liner ...

Liquid liner is the best way to get the classic, dramatic look that’s so loved. The finished look of liquid liner is timeless and never goes out of style. But liquid eyeliner is not easy to apply, at least when you’re new at it. These’re some tips to help you master liquid liner and achieve the beautiful results you’re dreaming of.

1. Practice when You’re Hanging at Home

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Liquid eyeliner can be tricky when you’re new at it. For this reason, it’s best to try it out the first few times when you’re hanging out at home or when you’re only going places where you’re not overly concerned about your appearance. In other words, don’t try liquid liner for the first time when you have an interview or a first date. You may get it perfect on your first try or it could be a disaster. You don’t want to have to completely redo your makeup if it goes wrong.

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