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I have a deep love for mascara and if I had to be limited to only one makeup item for the rest of my life then this would be it. But it can’t deliver all that you’re hoping for if you’re making mascara mistakes. These are some of the most common mascara mistakes and some ways to correct them. I hope this helps to eliminate some of your mascara woes.

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Not Changing It Often Enough

One of the mascara mistakes you might be making is not changing your mascara often enough. Mascara does not have a long shelf life. It generally needs to be changed about every 3 months. You absolutely don’t need to go longer than 6 months on a tube of mascara. Not only will it dry out but it can become a place for bacteria to grow.


Not Removing It at Night

Not removing your mascara at night creates two problems. One, it leaves your lashes hard which makes them more prone to breakage while you sleep. It also prevents you from having a good base to start on the next day’s mascara. Mascara will never go on well over yesterday’s makeup. Take time to remove your mascara at night to give your lashes the best care.


Not Wiping the End of the Wand

Sometimes you’ll get a gob of mascara on the end of the wand when you pull it out of the tube. If you aren’t careful, this’ll lead to clumps in your lashes and smearing on your face. This can easily be avoided. Simply wipe the excess mascara off when you pull the wand out. You want the mascara spread out over the bristles, not on the end of the wand.


Not Coating Both Sides

You’re really missing out on some magic if you aren’t coating both sides of your lashes. Coating both sides will make your lashes look fuller and darker. Start with the upper side. Zigzag your wand over your lashes on the topside several times before you move to the underside. You’ll probably find that you need fewer coats on the underside and won’t have to work on your bottom lashes much at all.


Not Turning Your Brush Vertically

Turning your brush vertically can give you a whole new application technique. It gives you more control in placing the mascara on your lashes and allows you to concentrate on smaller, more specific areas. This is a wonderful way to make sure you get the lashes at your inner corners. Vertical application also works well on bottom lashes. It usually works best to first apply your mascara horizontally then apply it vertically.


Letting It Dry between Coats

Letting your mascara dry in between coats can be a recipe for disaster. What usually ends up happening is that your lashes get dry, crunchy and are no longer moldable. It’s okay to give them a minute or so in between coats but you don’t want to wait much longer than that. What I usually do is do one eye, move to the other and then back to the first one. I keep up this sequence until I get the look I want.


Pumping the Wand

Pumping your wand will make your mascara dry out much quicker. You’re forcing air down into the tube which isn’t a good thing. Push the wand in once and pull it back out. You should get enough mascara on the wand for a good coat this way. If you aren’t, then it’s probably time for a new tube.

I hope these bits of advice help you to avoid mascara mistakes. What’re your best mascara tips? I can’t wait to hear from you!

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Best tip I learned is to put a little powered on your eyelashes before putting mascara on. It makes them look fuller once you apply the mascara

Learned from these tips!!! Especially the one about changing it often...

^^^ u should be good

Wow, good tips! Many thanks!! 👍

For sure take your make up off Every Night b4 bed! This is a must. Before applying mascara use a primer and/or baby powder to thicken and separate lashes. Then go ahead and apply mascara while wet keep adding multiple coats while their wet! Use a separating tool mid to end of applying!

Thx for the great tips! One more I saw a makeup artist on tv talk about is to turn the wand when you push it in the tube. This helps you get plenty mascara all the way around the applicator brush. I've found this to be true.

Im not trying to brag though

I do a few of these, so this really helped!

I don't need mascara because i have naturally long eyelashes. Like incredibly long. Not freakishly long though. They're actually so long that they get stuck in my eye. Painful!!! But otherwise i love my eyelashes

I don’t have a question t But ur tips are so powerful helpful!❤️

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