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If you're on the hunt for makeup and beauty looks that'll make everyone do a double-take, your search is over because these ladies are totally killing it on Pinterest. From their luscious lip colors and defining eyeshadow combinations to their contouring skills, there's something so undeniably sexy about their style. Trust us; these makeup looks are too sexy NOT to steal. You can thank us later.

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Bold Neutrals

hair,braid,face,hairstyle,black hair, Via Hair Archives - Natural Hair ...


Dark and Edgy

hair,blond,lady,hairstyle,beauty, Via Random Inspiration 121 | Architecture, ...


Pretty in Pink

hair,clothing,hairstyle,afro,blond, Via blackgirllonghair.com


Luscious Blend

hair,face,eyebrow,nose,beauty, Via blackandkillingit.com


The look featured in this article is the 'Luscious Blend' look. This look is all about creating a full and lush effect on the face, with the use of both warm and cool tones. The focus is on blending the colors together to create a seamless look, and to make the face look naturally beautiful.

To achieve this look, start with a light foundation and then use a darker shade to contour the face. Next, apply a warm blush to the cheeks and a light highlighter to the high points of the face. Then, use a combination of warm and cool eyeshadows to create a blended effect on the eyes. Finish off the look with a bold lip color and mascara to add definition to the eyes.

This look is perfect for those who want to look naturally beautiful without going over the top. It can be worn for both day and night, and is sure to make you stand out from the crowd. With the right products and techniques, you can easily create this look in just a few minutes. So, if you're looking for a makeup look to make you swoon, this 'Luscious Blend' look is definitely worth a try!


Blushing Bride

hair,clothing,bridal accessory,fashion accessory,hairstyle, Via bohemian-luxe-winter-wedding-060


Alluring Highlights

hair,face,clothing,bridal accessory,bride, Via weddingwire.com


Fun and Flirty

hair,black hair,face,image,nose, Via LEAH


Bubblegum Pink

hair,face,person,eyebrow,woman, Via hypebeast.com



hair,face,eyebrow,nose,hairstyle, Via Vintage Half up Half down ...



hair,face,hairstyle,wedding dress,bride, Via menwomenhairstyles.com


Cute and Casual

hair,face,eyebrow,person,nose, Via beautyhigh.com


Luscious Red

face,eyebrow,hair,cheek,nose, Via blackandkillingit.com


Light and Natural

hair,human hair color,face,eyebrow,blond, Via Freckled and Fabulous: Make-up Inspiration ...


Sexy Lines

hair,face,nose,hairstyle,beauty, Via blackandkillingit.com


Smokey Eye Equals Smoking Hot

hair,black hair,face,nose,beauty, Via smokey eye | Sephora Beauty ...


Striking Shades of Blue

clothing,green,fashion accessory,cap,hairstyle, Via Kunmi Omisore: Tales of an ...


Purple Hue

hair,color,human hair color,face,red, Via 25 Reasons Why ’90s Beauty ...

The best part about these makeup looks is that they're easy to either copy or tweak in a way that compliments your own style. Let us know which ones you can see yourself rocking in the comments below!

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Very fabulous, gorgeous, dazzling, cute, nice, stunning, fantastic and beautiful makeup looks

Very beautiful women of color!!

Gorgeous women but #14 is absolutely stunning!

#15 is absolutely darling!!!

I love these. Purple lips are my favorite, I almost always wear a different shade of purple lips

Like them All

I love #9's blue eyes with brown hair

Very beautiful group of women modeling stunning range of make-up looks.

All are beautiful but I love the girls with freckles! Adorable!

The women at #13 Is so stunning ❤️

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