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Most girls where blush in some shade of pink, but did you know there are proper steps to getting it on just right? The right pink blush makes the apples of your cheeks look fresh and young. It’s easy to find and pretty simple to apply, so you are never going to be sorry when you choose pink blush. If you’re worried you aren’t doing it right, the steps on this list are going to help you out, big time.

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Find the Right Blush

You’ve already established that you want pink blush, right? Now you need to figure out which formulation is best. For oily skin, experts suggest using a powder or gel version. Normal skin girls can choose any type. If you have dry skin, cream blush is your best bet. Now you can get the perfect shade of pink in the perfect design for your best looking days to come.


Use a Quality Brush

In some cases, more is better. Buying a good quality blush brush might set you back a few dollars, but you won’t regret it. That’s because the right brush helps you get your pink blush on effortlessly. Opt for a brush that fits your budget, but that isn’t the cheapest thing you can find. You’ll be much happier with the results that way.


Emulate a Natural Glow

The great thing about pink blush is that it makes you look natural, provided you get it on right. Start small by applying just a bit to your cheeks. Then, gradually build on the color until you get the shade that gives your skin tone a natural glow. Be careful not to get too much or you’ll look clownish rather than glowing.


Use the Right Light

This probably applies to most blush colors, but it’s especially important to pay attention to the light when you apply pink shades. That’s because if you get too much, as I said above, you probably won’t be happy with the end result. Use a natural light so that you can be sure that when you leave the house your cheeks aren’t a ton pinker than you think they are.


Mix Colors

Make-up experts all over the world encourage you to mix pinks to get just the right shade for your skin tone and complexion. If you can’t find exactly what you want on store shelves, grab a few different colors of pink and try layering them to get the color you want. This is going to take some experimentation so don’t be tempted to try it right before you head to the office. Give yourself some time to get it just right.


Mix Types

Because getting pink on your cheeks just right is sort of tricky, experts suggest using more than one type. For example, start with a powder blush to get the base color you want, then layer on a bit of cream blush to give yourself a radiant glow that brings your face out the way you want it to look.


Consider Your Other Make-up

When you choose something as bold as pink blush, it’s important to balance it with the rest of your look. Experts suggest keeping things toned down elsewhere, which serves two purposes. The first being that your face won’t look too over the top and the second being that it allows your pink blush to be the star of the show. Choose understated colors for your eyes and lips when you wear pink blush.

What’s your favorite shade of pink blush? What other tips do you have for getting it right?

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Very nice pink blush makeup tips

I just don't get it why ppl have problems with this kind of grammar issues, where/wear or your/you're. It's not that hard, seriously. And I'm not even a native english speaker.

Who cares Emelie? You know what she means. It's not like this is an essay she's being graded on. **these kinds of grammatical issues** btw


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