Natural Makeup Removers for Girls Removing Chemicals from Their Lives ...

It's been a long day, you have a full face of makeup on, reach for your makeup wipes, quickly wipe it off and pass out. Sound familiar? We are all guilty of this. But, wiping chemicals off with more chemicals doesn't seem right. There are natural ways to remove makeup that are cost efficient and best of all, extremely gentle on your skin. shares several natural ways to remove makeup, along with the skin benefits, and how oh so easy they are to use, with only one or two natural ingredients. Check them out below!

1. Witch Hazel and Olive Oil

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Most people already have witch hazel in the medicine cabinet for disinfecting cuts and scrapes. Olive oil should be in your pantry. When you blend the two together, magic happens. Olive oil and witch hazel both remove impurities from the skin.

The astringent properties of the latter work well against powder and foundation. The added bonuses of blending the two together include relief from acne, intense moisturization, and a formula gentle enough for dry or sensitive skin.

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