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Whether you live in a place that is humid only occasionally, or it’s humid all the time, you need some tips for keeping your make-up in place and looking fabulous all day long. You hear all about how to protect your hair from the humidity, but there isn’t as much info on how to do the same for your make-up. So, I went to the experts and got all the best tips for making your make-up humidity-proof. Here’s how to get the job done.

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You’ve Got to Put on Moisturizer before You do Your Make-up

Dry skin encourages your face to produce sebum, which is a natural oil that your skin makes to keep it hydrated. When you skip moisturizer, your skin gets dry, which increases sebum production. That’s what causes your make-up to melt off when it gets humid outside. Putting moisturizer on first prevents dryness, which keeps oil production in check, helping make-up stay in place all day long.


Make Friends with a Good Primer

I started using primer this last summer after a particularly nasty bout with shiny skin. It really works! You simply spread primer over your face before your make-up is applied and it helps create a clean slate so your make-up stays where you want it. Primer also keeps your skin oil-free so humid weather won’t make the problem worse.


Use Setting Powder to Help Prevent Humidity from Melting Your Make-up

If you aren’t already using translucent powder to set your make-up, now is the time to start doing just that. It doesn’t change the overall look you’re going for, but it does give you that matte look you want when the humidity goes up. At the same time, the powder helps combat that sliding make-up effect that often happens when it’s humid outside.


Add Waterproof Products to Your Make-up Bag

Often, humidity can make your make-up run all over your face. Choosing waterproof products can help solve that problem. Use waterproof mascara and concealer and you can get by without having to make constant touch-ups throughout the day. You can find affordable products at any drugstore and you’ll never have to do clean-up in the middle of the day.


Skip the Heavy Products and Go for Lightweight Ones Instead

The heavier the product, the higher the chance that it will wind up cakey or slipping off your face. When it’s humid outside, you want lighter weight items, like tinted moisturizer or BB cream. These items will give you the coverage you need without the worry that they’ll be running down your face when you head out into the humidity.


Forget the Powder Cosmetics and Opt for Cream Ones Instead

Other than translucent powder to set your look, go for creamy make-up instead. Look for cream versions of your favorite eye shadow, blush and bronzer. They’ll stay in place a lot better when the humidity goes up. That means you won’t be running to the bathroom for touch ups all day long because the make-up will stay where it belongs until you’re ready to take it off.


Read Labels and Stop Buying Oil-Based Products

No matter what kind of skin you have, be it dry, normal or oily, using oil-based products is a recipe for disaster when it’s humid outside. That oil will just mean slipping and sliding make-up. You’ll have to read labels very carefully to make sure you are finding cosmetics that meet your needs. Once you do, you’ll be all set for the humid day ahead of you.

Do you live where it’s humid? What do you do to make sure your make-up stays in place all day long?

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Good reads.

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