Makeup Tutorials to Turn Thin Lips to Plump Perfection ...


Makeup Tutorials to Turn Thin Lips to Plump Perfection ...
Makeup Tutorials to Turn Thin Lips to Plump Perfection ...

Having small lips can be a bummer. Thankfully, there’s help to make your lips look bigger and plumper than ever. You can learn to love your lips with the help from these 7 tutorials. Let’s get started!

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Lip Tips and Tricks from Things You Have at Home

This’s a short little video but it’s packed with information. It gives you three tips to use for lip plumping action to make your lips look bigger. What’s nice about this is that you probably already have everything you need. There’s also a bit of makeup advice at the end but the real beauty is in the lip tips. The results from these tricks last up to four hours.


The video starts by revealing a simple exfoliation technique using sugar and honey, which not only removes dead skin but also enhances blood flow to the lips, giving them a natural fullness. Then, a quick tutorial on using cinnamon oil follows; a dab mixed with your lip balm can cause mild swelling for that sought-after bee-stung look. Finally, the clever application of highlighter above the cupid’s bow and contouring around the mouth creates an illusion of depth and dimension. Expect to enjoy a sumptuous pout that’s selfie-ready without the hassle of injections or expensive treatments.


Don’t Neglect Lip Contouring

This’s a unique lip tutorial. I’d honestly never learned about lip contouring before and found this tutorial both interesting and informative. It involves working with the natural creases of your lips and how light and dark colored lip products can work together to make your lips look bigger. You won’t feel like you have small lips by the time you complete the steps shown in this tutorial. You may even be asked if you’ve had a lip injection!


Lip contouring is somewhat of an art form, truly transforming your pout. Using a slightly darker lip liner to define and shade the outer edges, you can create an illusion of depth. Then, applying a lighter lipstick or gloss in the center gives a plump, highlighted effect. Remember, blending is key – harsh lines can actually make your lips look smaller. For an extra pop, a dab of gloss just on the cupid's bow and the center of the lower lip adds a reflective quality that mimics fuller lips. Stick with it, and don’t be afraid to experiment!


Amazing Results from Contouring outside the Lips

The previous tutorial focused on contouring you could do within the lip to make your lips look larger. This one focuses on contouring around the exterior of the lips to create the same result. And I have to say that I found the result amazing. At the end of the tutorial, lips look plump, full, big and absolutely luscious. If small lips are an issue for you then you need to learn these techniques!


Mastering the art of contouring around the lips can be a game-changer for those who feel self-conscious about thinner lips. With strategies such as carefully placing shades slightly outside the natural lip line and blending properly, it can create the illusion of added volume and depth. This isn’t over-lining in the traditional sense, but rather an artful enhancement pushing the bounds of your natural lip shape. The transformation is subtle yet impactful, leading to a boost in confidence and the joy of flaunting a fuller, more defined pout. These tricks are perfect for a night out or any occasion when a dramatic lip is desired.


An Old School Overlining Tutorial

If you’re interested in making your lips look bigger by using the old school method of overlining, this’s a simple tutorial to follow. It’s easy to see how this works and it’s explained in a way that’s easy to understand. She also explains how you can blend two shades of lipstick to create the illusion of larger lips. It’s helpful and doesn’t require a lot of expertise. As a bonus, her eye makeup is quite lovely which may inspire you to watch even more of her tutorials.


This tutorial takes it back to basics, showing you how to overline your lips for a fuller appearance, without the need for injections or fillers. She demonstrates the technique with a steady hand and a clear explanation of each step, including how to avoid common mistakes that can make the overlining too obvious. Additionally, she shares tips on selecting the right liner and lipstick shades that complement your natural lip color. Whether you're prepping for a night out or just want to experiment with a bolder look, this tutorial is perfect for enhancing your pout with ease.


Concealer Can Help You Achieve Bigger Lips

This tutorial shows you how to use concealer to achieve bigger lips. It’s a helpful step to include in your lip makeup routine. This tutorial is one that focuses on a darker lip color which was interesting. Darker lip colors don’t always make lips look bigger but it can be done as you’ll see in this tutorial. A bit of gloss at the end can make all the difference.


Using concealer can be an easy and non-invasive method to give the illusion of fuller lips. Firstly, apply a small amount of concealer that matches your skin tone onto the center of your lips, blending it slightly over your natural lip line to create a seamless base. Then, outline just outside your natural lip line with a lip pencil that is close to your chosen lipstick shade, which makes the lips appear larger. After filling in with your lipstick, a dab of light, shimmery gloss in the center of your bottom lip adds volume and reflects light, further enhancing the plump effect. With practice, this technique can be mastered and incorporated into your daily makeup routine for luscious, statement lips.

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Great Product Recommendations on Lip Products

The beautiful Michelle Phan shows you how to get the lovely full lips you’ve been dreaming of. This tutorial is a combination of traditional tricks and newer methods that use special tools and devices. She also recommends some specific products that’re great at making your lips look full. There’s so much information in this tutorial that you can choose which ones are right for you. Try a few or try them all, your lips are sure to look luxuriously full!


Simple Lip Smoothers from the Kitchen

This tutorial gives you advice about keeping your lips moisturized and hydrated. It’s important to understand that lips that’re moisturized naturally look bigger than dry, dehydrated lips. I loved this tutorial! It was easy to follow and the products used are probably already in your kitchen. Enjoy the soft, smooth feeling of pampered lips!

These’re 7 helpful tutorials for small lips. What tricks work best for you? Please share your advice!

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Why is having big lips so important?Many beautiful girls dont have big lips and its more natural and simple

Don't do the shot glass trick. Are you kidding me! You can break blood vessels in your lips, cause bruising, etc and it only lasts, what ..a solid hour? Why harm your lips like that. You may as well get lip injections.

Contouring your lips is very inappropriate and anti natural. Liner in over the lips it just ridiculous. Girls you are more attractive with your natural lips. And this bizarre thing lip plumper is abomination

A lot of y'all look ridiculous when you overline your lips. Y'all better embrace y'all thin lips Bc it's too obvious with the lip liner. As if we can't see the outside of your lips lol !!

Well personally think big lips looks really funny 😆

Coming from someone with big lips,y'all small lips people look hilarious when you guys line your lips

Get advice from kylie j

Also you can tell her lips are swollen looking, not bigger.

Don't strive to look like every other generic girl out there rn. You are beautiful. Embrace it

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