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There can never be too many tips for the vampy lip trend. Why? Well, it looks so gorgeous that everyone should wear it all times, but it can be a difficult look to pull off. Get it wrong, and it looks more Joker than Chanel, which is a problem – especially if you’re trying to be taken seriously. So, here’s some of the best tips for the vampy lip trend, so you can get some practice in – I’m already rocking it today ;)

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Choose Your Occasion

eyebrow,face,lip,cheek,red, One of the top tips for the vampy lip trend is to pick the right moment. While you can wear dark lips almost anywhere, provided that the rest of your outfit and makeup is appropriate, there are some places that you should avoid. Pizza places, for example – oily fast foods will break down the color in your lipstick, leaving it looking patchy and old. You’ll want to be somewhere that you can reapply, too. If you’re going to be away from a mirror all day, it might be better to go for a more low maintenance lip look.


Choose Your Color

eyebrow,face,nose,black hair,beauty, Next up, it’s time to choose your vampy color. You can create this look with any dark lipstick, from reds and browns to dark blacks and even navy blues. Every lipstick has an undertone, though, so you need to choose one which works well on your skin. Ladies with pale skin tend to suit pink undertones, while ladies with darker skin may prefer brown tones. A blue undertone is ideal for cool-toned people, but it can be used by anyone – it makes teeth look whiter!


Line Later

hair,human hair color,face,eyebrow,nose, Don’t be tempted to jump straight in with that lipliner. Instead, apply your lipstick first, and your liner second. The liner should be as close to matching the lipstick as you can get, and you should use a lippy brush if you can – it’ll give a clean application, and a professional finish. If you’ve got naturally thin lips, you might want to practice overdrawing with the liner, so that the darker color doesn’t make them appear smaller.


Sort Your Brows

hair,eyebrow,face,nose,hairstyle, A dark lip will draw the eyes down your face, so you need to balance it with the best eyebrows that you’ve ever had. Seriously. Fill in your brows, and brush them to perfection. They need to frame your face and balance out the whole look.


Minimal Eyes

face,black,woman,person,nose, It’s best to keep your eyes minimal when wearing a dark lip, to avoid looking too dressed up. It’s a bit like the boobs/legs rule, though – it’s broken all the time. For best results, stick with gold or bronze for your eyes, but if you want to play around with a smoky eye or 80’s eyeliner, it’ll look amazing. Be bold.


Don’t Neglect Your Cheeks

hair,face,eyebrow,nose,hairstyle, Bold lipstick can leave the rest of your face looking a bit washed out. Avoid that by applying bronzer across your cheek bones, and using a neutral or berry blush to bring some color to your cheeks. It doesn’t need to be overly noticeable, but it does need to make you look alive. If you’re struggling, try applying a warm foundation to your cheeks instead.


Check the Teeth

hair,face,eyebrow,cheek,person, It’s a good idea to check your teeth throughout the day anyway, but this is one of the tips for the vampy lip trend that I love. Put a finger inside your mouth, close your lips, and pull the finger out. Any lipstick on your finger could have been on your teeth. Clean it up, and head on out. You’re ready!

The final tips for the vampy lip trend are all about being confident and owning the look. It’s on trend, it suits everyone and it catches the eye. Team it with a smile, and act like you’ve got all the confidence in the world. You’ll feel great for it. Do you have any tips for the vampy lip trend? Share them with me!

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Nice points thanks

Second picture: absolutely stunning

My tip would be that if you are like me and aren't blessed with full lips, then skip this trend 😉.

Its like vampire look

Ugh looks like this tend would make me into a disaster with lip stick spread on my teeth, hair, and clothes. 😬

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