7 Awesome Makeup Tips for Thin Lips ...

By Heather

7 Awesome Makeup Tips for Thin Lips ...

If you have really thin lips, you want them to stand out just as much as full lips – that's why I've got all of the best makeup tips for thin lips! Thin lips are never bad, girls, but giving them some oomph is a little difficult if you don't have the right makeup tips for thin lips! Luckily, I've looked up every thin lip makeup tip out there and I've compiled a list, so your thin lips will look beautiful and full – no matter what!

1 Lip Primer

Girls, I think that one of the biggest makeup tips for thin lips that a lot of girls forget about is lip primer. Just a little dab and rub in can honestly make sure that your lipstick, lip stain and even your lip gloss stays flawless all night! For me, I use Urban Decay's Lip Primer Potion. It's a balm of all balms – and keeps my lips looking amazing!

2 Conceal Lines

After you've primed your lips, it's now time for you to conceal any lines that you have around your lips. These lines can come from anything, girls, and I think every woman gets them eventually. I'm 28 and I have some of them now. Just a little dab of concealer will buff away those lines in no time at all!

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3 Use Lip Liner

Next, your lip liner! This is honestly going to be what pumps up your lips and makes them look amazing. Just a little lip liner along the outside of your lips will really give them volume and will make your lips appear a lot bigger – and plumper! Also, pick a color that works with your skin tone and goes with your lipstick color!

4 Use a Matte Base

For your lip liner, a matte base is going to be most important. Why? Because when you use something matte, it won't draw too much attention and truthfully, it'll look more natural than if you use something that is shimmery or shiny.

5 Apply Lipstick

After you've applied your lip liner (matte please!), then it's time for the lipstick. Now, when you're choosing your lipstick, make sure that you pick a color that is bright, something that really pops. Also, this is where your shimmer can come in. You don't need to go matte with your lipstick at all!

6 Lip Gloss for Shine

After your lipstick, the next step is some clear lip gloss! This will shine up your lips and really make them glossy and pretty. For me, I always use Maybelline – that is just my favorite drug-store brand and I think that it lasts a really long time and isn't too sticky.

7 Avoid Dark Colors

I know that there are tons of different colors of lipstick out there, but if you have thinner lips, you don't want to do something really dark. Actually girls, if you could brighten it up and lighten it up, it'd be better and will make your lips appear that much larger and plumper. Skip the dark and go with the light!

So girls, now that you know all of my makeup tips for thin lips, what other tips do you have? How do you get your thinner lips to stand out? Share your tips!

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Avoid dark colors, yes, I agree, yet the picture for the story has a model with HUGE LIPS wearing a dark lip color shade. That makes NO sense!


I love using lipsticks in dark shades even though my lips are thin. My lips wont bring too much attention to the colour and looks very fresh with white t-shirt and jeans.

Hahah. Good point Janet!!!



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