7 NYX Cosmetics Products You Will Love ...

If you've never tried NYX Cosmetics products, now's the time to start. Founded in 1999 by 26 year old Toni K, the NYX line has beautifully pigmented products at extremely affordable prices. Toni was inspired to start the makeup line because she and her friends wanted to be able to look their best and not spend a fortune. Check out some of these awesome NYX Cosmetics products and get ready to be wowed by their look and affordability:

1. High Definition Photo Concealer Wand

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This has to be one of my all time favorite NYX Cosmetics products. Not only does it do an incredible job concealing, it also lightens and brightens every area it touches, without being shimmery or sparkly. It also doesn't crease or cake, making it seem like an absolute miracle in a bottle.

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