7 Outrageous Pairs of False Lashes to Try for Fun ...

Outrageous false lashes are a great addition when you want to create a dramatic makeup look focusing on your eyes! Wearing outrageous false lashes may take some confidence, because you’ll definitely get noticed. Although they cost a little more than traditional falsies, remember that you can always wear them more than once! Simply clean off the old glue, and place them back in their box for safe-keeping until the next time. Keep the rest of your makeup look simple to really show off these amazing false eyelashes.

1. Illamasqua Orange False Eye Lashes

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These orange lashes from Illamasqua are totally out there and fun! Orange isn’t a color you typically see worn on the eyes, but these outrageous false lashes are a great way to pull off this color. I’m a fan of pairing orange with pink for a stand-out look! Perhaps a swipe of pink eyeliner to set these lashes off! You can find them at Sephora.

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