8 Arty Makeup Collaborations That Will Blow Your Mind Away ...


8 Arty Makeup Collaborations That Will Blow Your Mind Away ...
8 Arty Makeup Collaborations That Will Blow Your Mind Away ...

Everyone seems to be collaborating with each other these days, and makeup collaborations are a great example of this. Lately we’ve seen many cosmetics companies release limited edition makeup collections that have been created in collaboration with popular designers or artists. Makeup can be an art form in itself, so when makeup brands team with artists and designers, you know something memorable is in the works. Take a look at these arty makeup collaborations.

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Alber Elbaz for Lancôme

Alber Elbaz for Lancôme One of the newest makeup collaborations on the scene is between Alber Elbaz and Lancôme. And it’s gaining quite a bit of buzz. Elbaz, as the designer for Lanvin, is well known for his quirky fashion illustrations and it’s these illustrations that will feature on the packaging of the new Hypnôse Show collection. The collection will include mascaras, eye shadow palettes, and false eyelashes.


Andy Warhol for Nars

Andy Warhol for Nars While the influential artist is no longer around, the Andy Warhol Foundation collaborated with Nars for a limited edition makeup collection. There are makeup palettes dedicated to Factory it-girls, lip glosses housed in metal soup cans, and Pop Art prints a-plenty! Even if you’re not a die-hard Warhol fan, there’s a lot to like about this collection.


Fafi for MAC

Fafi for MAC MAC Cosmetics have released many makeup collaborations and limited edition collections. A few years ago they teamed up with popular graffiti artist Fafi. The limited edition collection featured illustrations of Fafi’s signature ‘fafinette’ pin-up girls. It was a highly sought after collection and remains one of MAC’s most memorable collaborations.


The vibrant Fafi for MAC collection truly embodied the art-meets-makeup ethos, with the Parisian street artist's aesthetic spilling over into the palette of bold lipsticks, playful eye shadows, and whimsical blushes. Each product was encased in packaging adorned with Fafi’s colorful, comic book-style characters, turning every item into a collector’s piece. Fans of the artist and beauty enthusiasts alike clamored for a piece of this energetic collaboration, which effortlessly bridged the gap between high art and high street cosmetics. Indisputably, it was a fusion that added a dash of edgy street cred to makeup bags everywhere.


Karl Lagerfeld for Shu Uemura

Karl Lagerfeld for Shu Uemura Karl Lagerfeld is no stranger to a collaboration. He’s done the clothing collaboration thing and last year he teamed up with cosmetics company Shu Uemura. The collection, called Mon Shu Uemura included eye shadow palettes, eyelash curlers, lipsticks, and nail stickers. All of the cosmetics featured quirky packaging designed by Lagerfeld. He even went so far as to photograph the collection himself!


Matthew Williamson for Benefit

Matthew Williamson for Benefit This makeup collaboration between Matthew Williamson and Benefit Cosmetics is definitely worth checking out. While the collaboration only involves one product, what a product it is! This colourful makeup kit contains a mix of eye shadows, mascara, and lip gloss. And it’s all housed in distinctive Matthew Williamson designed packaging.


Jonathan Adler for BareMinerals

Jonathan Adler for BareMinerals This collaboration merges cosmetics and home décor. It’s a first for both parties as it’s BareMinerals’ first ever collaboration and Jonathan Adler’s first foray into cosmetics. This special edition box features a patterned Jonathan Adler design and contains a BareMinerals brush and SPF15 foundation.


For those who adore fusing fashion with function, the Jonathan Adler for BareMinerals collection is a venture into lavish utility. Adler's iconic geometric prints and mod aesthetic adorn the packaging, turning an everyday beauty routine into an elevated artistic experience. Imagine swiping on your foundation with a stylish brush that doubles as a statement vanity piece. This partnership proves that beauty isn't just about the product's result, but the joy in the application – it's a feast for the eyes even before it touches the skin.


Louise Gray for Topshop

Louise Gray for Topshop Last year Topshop enlisted UK designer Louise Gray to collaborate with them on clothing and makeup collections. The makeup collaboration took inspiration from Gray’s signature outlandish style and features plenty of bold and bright products. Think neon lipsticks, glitter nail polishes, and super-bright blushes.


Kenny Scharf for Kiehl’s

Kenny Scharf for Kiehl’s Cosmetic’s brand Kiehl’s teamed up with contemporary artist Kenny Scharf for their Holiday 2012 collection. He customised the packaging of several products for the brand as part of their annual philanthropic project. 100% of the proceeds from the collaboration are donated to various associations around the world that help in protecting children.

These are just a few examples of arty makeup collections. It just goes to show that an artist’s canvas can take any shape or form. Can you think of any other interesting makeup collaborations?

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I'm in love with those Shu Uemura palettes!

In my opinion (not to be rude) I kinda like E.L.F. Because it's cheap and has a variety of colors

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