7 Fun Pairs of False Lashes You'll Love to Wear ...

False lashes can be the perfect accessory for a night out, a date, a party, or just for fun. I’m all about wearing falsies whenever the mood strikes and I don’t believe you have to opt for basic black lashes either. There are several styles of falsies on the market that are whimsical, colorful, and fabulous! So if you are up for trying something new and fun, check out these false lashes.

1. Paperself – Polka Dot Pop

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One of my favorite pairs of false lashes is Paperself’s “Polka Dot Pop” falsies. These lashes are made out of a special, light paper material. Although these lashes are big, they won’t weigh down your eyelids. You can wear the whole strip at once, or cut off sections to create your own look. This particular pair is inspired by pop art and the 1960s. These lashes look great with a hot pink lip and graphic liner. You can get these lashes at paperself.com.

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