28 Perfect Lipstick Inspos for Girls Searching for a New Look ...

By Eliza

28 Perfect Lipstick Inspos for Girls Searching for a New Look ...

Sometimes all it takes to figure out your new make-up look is to see it done by someone else. Tutorials are nice, but a simple and straightforward photo is faster and you can get the inspiration you need to create the perfect lip, no matter where you're going. As an added bonus, you can often find which colors will work for your skin tone and hair color by looking at what similar looking girls are wearing. Here's more inspiration than you're going to know what to do with.

1 Dramatic Lips with a Smoky Eye

2 Neutral Smoky Eyes with Bold Red Lips

3 Perfect Nude Lips

4 Try a Fun Coral Color

5 This Dark Plum Lipstick is Perfect for Fall

6 Long Lashes and Red Lips

7 You Can't Go Wrong with a Red Lip

8 Go Bold with Burgundy

9 Shiny Purple Lips with Purple Eye Shadow

10 These Brown Ombre Lips Are Perfect for a Night out

11 Pinky Red Lips with Brown Hair

12 Dark Lipstick with Light Hair

13 Go Crazy with Purple

14 Choose a Totally Feminine Look with Pale Pink

15 Perfect Color

16 Choose Pale Pink for an Understated Look

17 Red is Perfect Anytime

18 Classic Pinup Makeup

19 Sexy and Voluptuous Lips

20 You Can't Go Wrong with Pink

21 Pink with Blue Eyes is Perfect

22 Perfect Berry Lipstick

23 Glitter for Some Glam

24 Go for It - You Can Pull This off!

25 Go Girly

26 Matched to Your Nails

27 The Perfect Red Lip

28 Burgundy Lips Look Great with Neutral Eye Makeup

What's your favorite lipstick shade? Are you inspired to try anything new after looking at this list?

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