Professional Secrets to beyond Perfect Makeup ...


Professional Secrets to beyond Perfect Makeup ...
Professional Secrets to beyond Perfect Makeup ...

Scrolling through Pinterest or Instagram for makeup inspiration- envying flawless skin and perfect makeup-we wonder how to personally achieve professional results right in our own bathroom! Application technique aside, it turns out there's a correct process involved in achieving flawless makeup that begins and ends with proper skin care. Keep reading for tried and true beauty secrets for glowing, flawless skin & makeup!

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Washing your face is probably the most important step in getting the makeup results you desire. Cleansed skin creates a clean canvas, removes dirt and oil, and helps heal/prevent breakouts. Remember to choose a face wash that's right for your skin needs!



Applying a toner after cleansing will remove traces of makeup, and help tighten and even out the skin. This is also the time to apply acne medication if needed.



Moisturizing is incredibly beneficial- hydrated skin is happy and healthy skin. You can even skip primer if your skin is well hydrated and even in texture. Pick a lotion which suites your skin profile and consider using a different cream before bed than for daily use.



I love primer because it keeps my makeup in place all day. I don't have large pores however using primer smoothed over your pores which allows makeup to glide on smoothly. Primer also acts a barrier between your skin and makeup so blemishes are less likely to occur. Just remember to wash your face at night!



Applying foundation (apart from brows!) is my favorite step in my makeup routine. Foundation does so much for your complexion, it's literally the base you work from! It evens skin tone, covers blemeshes, and overall makes your appear more youthful and radiant. Don't underestimate the magic of foundation (including the correct shade/formulation ).



I've only recently gotten into concealer and let me tell you I LOVE it! I don't have bags or dark circles ( ) so I never thought about it. But I use it more for highlighting- triangle application under the eyes, down the bridge of my nose, and a little on my chin and forehead! Gives way more dimension to my foundation.


Setting Your Makeup

You must, must, must set your makeup! Unless you're using a BB cream/tinted moisturizer, your foundation will melt off your face and get on your clothes if it's not set. I use an illuminating powder that not only sets but gives off a slight dewy glow while holding my makeup in place all day. Find a powder or spray that works for you and use it!



Lastly, you'll want to add pigment by first contouring. Bronze under your check bone, along your jawline and in a C shape on the sides of your forehead. Highlight right above your cheekbones and down the bridge of your nose and Cupid's bow. Add blush directly behind the apples of your cheeks and swipe up.

Obviously these are steps focused on face makeup- eyes and brows are a whole different topic! I hope this list was helpful for you and you can apply it in your daily routine!

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