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The Best Guide You'll Ever Find to Help Apply Foundation Flawlessly ...

By Jessica

Makeup junkies everywhere know that flawless foundation comes with precise steps, practice, and a little know-how. If you're new to makeup or just want to revive your routine, here's a guide just for you! Keep reading to find out exactly what you need to do to apply foundation flawlessly!

1 The Right Coverage for Your Desired Finish

There are sooo many choices for foundation on the market that it can become a little overwhelming. Decide before you buy what kind of finish you desire (matte, natural, dewy) and what your coverage needs are. If you have even skin but just want to brighten up, a sheer BB cream is perfect! Medium to full coverage will cover redness and imperfections and is buildable.

2 Use a Primer!

A primer acts a base and sits on top of your skin, allowing foundation to seamlessly glide over your face. It also smoothes over uneven skin and allows your makeup to last all day. And don't forget to match the consistency of your primer with your foundation: oil based goes with oil based, etc.


Color blocking tips

Bromze skin

3 Color Match along Your Jawline

To find the right color for you, swipe a few samples along your jawline. This is the most accurate place for a color match. You'll know it's right when it simply melts into your skin!

4 Color Correct, Foundation, Conceal

Before foundation, color correct any areas that need it- like dark circles, acne scars and age spots. Then apply your foundation, starting from the inside then working your way out. Lastly, use concealer to brighten and hide bags, open the face and to highlight!

5 Choose the Right Undertone

Choosing the right undertone can make or break the look of any foundation! I've always found that yellow undertones look too dark/orange for me and pink undertones look funny and are just, well, too pink! So, I am neutral. Find your correct undertones based on if you have cool, warm or neutral skin.

6 Lighten/darken Your Foundation

Your skin changes shade based on season so it's impossible to use one foundation for the whole year! You can however, use foundation drops to either lighten or darken your makeup. Another option is to buy two different foundations and mix them based on your skin's current shade. This method works well for me!

7 Use an Illuminator for a Dewy Glow

Did you know you can make any foundation "dewy"? All you need an illuminator to add to your foundation! It gives a subtle radiance with light-reflective properties for that perfect dewy glow. You can also dab a little face oil on a beauty sponge and tap it over your applied foundation.

8 Use Foundation on Your Eyelids, Ears, & Neck

Don't forget to apply foundation over your eyelids, which will cover any blue/purple/red tones. You also need to apply a light application on your ears and blend down your jawline and neck. You don't want to have any visible foundation lines! Remember, we're going for a natural, flawless look here.

9 Apply with a Brush, Blend with a Sponge

For the best application ever (at least in my experience!) use a dome-shaped foundation brush. It should be dense and preferably duo fiber. This kind of brush will pick up product and deposit it without absorbing much, all the while leaving an airbrushed finish! After you've applied, use a damp beauty blender to blend out any uneven spots.

10 Don't Forget to Set It!

The last and very critical step, is to set your foundation! If you don't set it, it will melt off your face, get on your clothes, and just feel like a sticky mess on your face. If you don't want a fully matte look, opt for an illuminating setting powder that will set your foundation nicely but leave a soft glow.

There you have it! The perfect guide to flawless foundation! Do you have any tips to add?

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