On Point 10 Second Makeup Tweaks ...

It doesn't take long to transform your face. You don't need two hours in front of the mirror. All you need is 10 seconds. Don't believe it? Try these quick tips from Marie Claire:

1. Make Your Brows Bold

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If your brows are patchy, you should fill them in with a pencil. Buy one that's a shade lighter than your actual brow color.

2. Define Your Lips

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Buy a lip liner that's either the same shade as your lips or a tiny bit darker. Then sketch your lips with short little strokes.

3. Emphasize Your Cheekbones

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Buy a highlighter that matches your skin tone and sweep it on the highest part of your cheeks. Make sure it goes from beneath your iris to your hairline. That'll emphasize your cheekbones.

4. Elongate Your Lashes

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Apply your mascara at a 45-degree angle, making sure to get the product everywhere from the root to the tip. Make sure you only focus on one eye at a time instead of jumping back and fourth between the two, so that your mascara doesn't have the chance to get clumpy.

5. Get Fuller Lips

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Buy some liquid highlighter. Then you can dab it on the center of your top and bottom lips to instantly make them look fuller.

What other 10-second makeup tweaks do you know?

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