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Smokey eyes are not only super sexy, but they also complement so many different skin tones and eye colors. Another thing I like about this particular look is that although black eye shadow is a popular color for smokey eyes, you can use blue, brown, or just about any color you want. Take a look through these informative smokey eye tutorials and start adding some more drama to your look!

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The Classic Smokey Eye for Hooded and Monolids

BeautybyJJ talks us through a super helpful smokey eye tutorial for beauties with hooded eyes and monolids. I love the transition of color on her eyes. And I am dying over her accent, so sophisticated!


Brown Smokey Eye Tutorial

Foxy lady Teni Panosian shows us how to create a gorgeous brown smokey eye using only two eye shadows! How pretty does the Soba eye shadow look on her? Do any of you ladies own this shade?


Silver Smokey Eye for Monolids

Silver smokey eyes are super edgy and look incredible on Claire Marshall. This video shows us how she achieved her entire makeup look and I think she does a great job giving us step-by-step instructions on this flawless look.


Plum Smokey Eye Tutorial

Sonjdradeluxe teaches us how to recreate this stunning plum smokey eye. I don't see plum colors in smokey eye looks very often and this one is perfect for a night out, don't you think?


Glamorous & Sexy Bronze Smokey Eye Makeup

This video is a little bit older, but this eye makeup look is still super pretty and looks amazing on her skin tone! This look is sophisticated and super chic.


Easy Smokey Eye

I'm all about easy when it comes to makeup, especially when it comes to smokey eyes. Ms Aaliyah Jay rocks the heck outta this dark smokey eye. This is such a glam look!


Black and Gold Smokey Eyes Using Fingers

MrJovitaGeorge shows us how to create a sexy black and gold smokey eye that's perfect for tan skin tones using just our fingers! I think you'll be surprised at how lovely your eye makeup can look without using brushes!


2 Minute Smokey Bronze

Beauty guru HollyAnn Aeree teaches us a super quick smokey bronze that you can wear to work, school, or for running errands around town. Keep this tutorial handy when you need to look good fast!


Glam Smokey Brown Eyes

Dulce Candy talks us through her smokey eye look that is just divine for babes with brown eyes. This video actually goes through her whole face routine, but if you just want the tutorial on the eyes, watch it from the beginning to the 4:30 mark.


Sparkle Bronze Smokey Eyes

Watch Desi Perkins recreate the soft, smokey eye makeup look that she wore to the Golden Globe awards.Even though she wore this to a red carpet event, I think it's totally wearable for the daytime.


Smokey Eyes with a Pop of Color

This look is very soft and sassy with a pop of periwinkle in the inner corner by LustreLux. This is another full face video and if you're just interested in the details on the eyes, skip to the 3:32 mark.

Which look was your favorite? I loved all the different use of color and the application techniques, but I'm still debating on which look I want to try first. Be sure to let us know if you try one out!

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The smoky eye is my favorite look, with neutral lips.

The link i mean u cant watch the video


Yeah this literally is only for tan skin with brown eyes. I'm pale with green eyes and freckles

Such is life...hehehe

Such is life...hehehe

The title of this article is misleading - all videos the girls have brown eyes and I have no idea which one would compliment a fair/pale skin tone with blue eyes

7 doesnt work

Such is life...hehehe

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