10 Smokey Eye Looks with Flair ...


10 Smokey Eye Looks with Flair ...
10 Smokey Eye Looks with Flair ...

There’s nothing like some flirty and sexy smokey eye looks to spice up a hum-drum day. When you look good, you feel good, which can lead to some pretty amazing things. But not all smokey eyes are created equal, and adding a little extra color to your look might be just the thing you need to go from sexy to sex goddess. If you’re planning on going for a night out with your girls, or on a date with a guy you’re really into, try some of these smokey eye looks!

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Dramatic Smokey Eye with Color

Lisa Eldridge if my favorite beauty guru because she’s a genuine makeup artist for the stars! She’s created my favorite of the smokey eye looks with flair! There’s an edgy element with the base of black eyeshadow all over the eye, but then there’s a bit of fun and glam with the pop of bright colors blended on top. I’ve worn this out to go dancing, and I got plenty of second glances.


Colorful Smokey Eye

This look is definitely not for the office! Lots of blues, greens, and purples come together beautifully to create a quirky yet beautiful smokey eye look that could go great with a little black dress and some nude heels. If you’re feeling like an adventurous vixen one night, why not try this look?


Orange Smokey Eye

A gorgeous smokey eye with orange undertones, this look goes well with virtually every skin tone and hair color. This look is very warm and sexy, and would be perfect for a dinner date or a more sensual night with your man. The orange will really make any eye color pop. Trust me, your date won’t be able to look anywhere else.


Dark Yet Soft Smokey Eye

In this tutorial, Jessica Harlow creates a smokey eye that is also ideal for daytime. Wear it for a day at the mall, or a lunch date. It’s dark on the lid, but not so intense as to overpower the face. This look is very good for a touch of sexiness while still keeping it fresh.


Red Smokey Eye

They say red is the color of desire. So why not try a red smokey eye? This look is for the daring woman who wants to vamp up her eyes instead of lips. Red is always a bold color choice, but if it’s done well, it can be the sexiest look.


Blue Smokey Eye

Some of you ladies probably cringed when you read "blue," didn’t you? I know, blue is such a volatile color when it comes to eye makeup. It can come out looking gorgeous, or it can look like a 5 year old drew it on with crayon. Luckily, this tutorial utilized blue wonderfully to make a bright, yet stunning smokey eye. At least give it a chance, you never know how it’ll come out!


Green Smokey Eye

I absolutely love this green look! It’s a deep green that will look stunning on brunettes and red-heads especially, and will make olive skin glow. It’s yet another look that could be pulled off during the day. I’m definitely going to give it a try!


Purple Smokey Eye

A beautiful look made of pinks and purples. If you’re like me and you love the purple end of the color spectrum, this smokey eye is for you! Not only is it a cute look, but there’s a subtle sexiness to it that’ll make it great to go clubbing in.


Upside down Smokey Eye

I had no idea this even existed, but it looks amazing! Essentially, it’s smoking out the bottom lid while keeping the top one light. It’s a very sexy yet understated look if you’re perhaps afraid of going overboard with the other looks. This look will suit any occasion you may need it for.


Black Smokey Eye

This last look is just a straight up black smokey eye. Many women are afraid of doing a black-only smokey eye because it could come out much too extreme. However, this look is just the perfect amount of classy and sexy, while keeping the black on a leash and not letting it wash out the face. Give this look a try on a night you know you’ll be staying out extra late, as it’ll last longer than other colors.

Away with the boring old smokey eyes of the past, and welcome to these fun new looks! Do you plan on trying any of these tutorials? Which ones did you like the best? Do you have any recommendations for more smokey looks?

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@princess, I'd do one of the colored ones. Personally I'd go with the purple or green.

Which of these would be best for a black

I loved the orange smokey eye!!! :)


@Luisa Marie @Lindsey Thank you so much!! i think purple or classic would be perfect:)

I love the orange and also the black smokey eye'

And white dance? (Highschool) please reply!! Thanks!

Michelle Phan also made a stunning smokey eye tutorial, although I forget what it was called. :(

@princess maybe the classic black smokey eye

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