26 Different Ways to Create Gorgeous Smokey Eyes ...

By Lisa

26 Different Ways to Create Gorgeous Smokey Eyes ...

Smokey eyes are so sexy, alluring and there are so many ways to do it. Smokey eyes used to be all about dark eye shadow, but there are lots of different ways to go about it. It can be done with blues, pinks, purples, browns and so many other stunning colors that you’ve just got to see for yourself. Of course, classic blacks and browns are always so gorgeous and I don’t think they’ll ever go out of style. Check out the many different ways to create gorgeous smokey eyes below!

Table of contents:

  1. brown smokey eye
  2. angelic look
  3. black & brown smokey eye
  4. hint of bronze
  5. blue smokey eye
  6. glittery smokey eye
  7. gold smokey eye
  8. sparkly smokey eye
  9. purple smokey eye
  10. smokey eye with a pop of white
  11. bronze smokey eye
  12. natural smokey metallic sheen
  13. dark brown smokey eye
  14. gray smokey eye
  15. green smokey eye
  16. pink and purple
  17. classic black
  18. holiday eyes
  19. cut crease smokey eye
  20. blue green smokey eyes
  21. teal and purple smokey eyes
  22. pink smokey eyes
  23. purple smokey eye
  24. purple and gold dusty smokey eye
  25. blue and white cut crease
  26. nude smokey eyes

1 Brown Smokey Eye

eyebrow,color,eye,face,eyelash, Via face it
This is one of the most gorgeous ways to do smokey eyes! I love the browns and it looks so amazing with the models hazel eyes.

2 Angelic Look

hair,face,eyebrow,hairstyle,nose, Via FADY KATAYA - BRIDAL PHOTOSHOOT
Don't you love this makeup look? The smokey eyes with the nude lips is perfection, I also love the model's updo, too.

3 Black & Brown Smokey Eye

eyebrow,color,eye,face,cheek, Via Black & Brown Smokey Eye ...
A little bit bolder than the brown smokey eye above.

4 Hint of Bronze

eyebrow,color,face,eye,blue, Via * Kiss & Make Up ...
This smokey eye utilizes some brown, black and a hint of bronze for a more natural look.

5 Blue Smokey Eye

eyebrow,face,eye,eyelash,eyelash extensions, Via Smokey Eye Blue - Trends ...
A dark blue smokey eye can be just as daring.

6 Glittery Smokey Eye

eyebrow,color,eye,face,blue, Via escapedgoat.tumblr.com
Very dark and seductive. A great choice for a date or night out with the girls.

7 Gold Smokey Eye

eyebrow,brown,face,eye,eyelash, Via Golden smokey eyes
Gold and brown makes a mighty fine duo.

8 Sparkly Smokey Eye

eyebrow,face,eye,nose,eyelash, Via Holiday Makeup 101 with M·A·C ...
We can all use a little sparkle with our eye makeup!

9 Purple Smokey Eye

eyebrow,face,eye,pink,eyelash, Via media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com
This deep purple color looks so elegant and it would look so pretty in the fall.

10 Smokey Eye with a Pop of White

eyebrow,face,eye,nose,cheek, Via Google
The pop of white in the inner corner is so striking!

11 Bronze Smokey Eye

eyebrow,eye,face,eyelash,eyelash extensions, Via Bronze Smokey Eye - Trends ...
Another smokey eye with a beautiful bronze that's very wearable for school or work.

12 Natural Smokey Metallic Sheen

eyebrow,color,face,eye,cheek, Via preen.me
Metallic brown eye shadows really stand out.

13 Dark Brown Smokey Eye

eyebrow,face,eye,nose,eyelash, Via Nordstrom - Yves Saint Laurent ...
I'm horrible at doing smokey eyes but this tutorial using dark brown eye shadows actually looks doable, even for someone like me!

14 Gray Smokey Eye

face,eyelash,brown,beauty,eye, Via The Best Eye Makeup Tutorials
I love this gray smokey eye. The shimmery white shadow reminds me of winter.

15 Green Smokey Eye

eyebrow,color,face,eye,blue, Via 20 TUTORIALS FOR SMOKEY EYES
Another breathtaking take on the smokey eye using green.

16 Pink and Purple

eyebrow,color,face,eye,blue, Via Tutorial SEO Untuk Pemula
I don't think I could ever pull pink and purple smokey eyes off, but this girl looks fab!

17 Classic Black

eyebrow,face,eye,eyelash,eyelash extensions, Via 10 Irresistible Smokey Eyes Tutorials ...
When I think of a smokey eye, this is the look I think of. It's super dark with loads of lush lashes.

18 Holiday Eyes

eyebrow,eye,face,nose,eyelash, Via hair and makeup
Very pretty glittery smokey eye with silver and gold.

19 Cut Crease Smokey Eye

eyebrow,face,eye,eyelash,nose, Via Make-up
This is a really dramatic look that would look great all eye colors.

20 Blue Green Smokey Eyes

eyebrow,color,eye,face,blue, Via Make. Up.
What a fantastic way to bring out brown eyes! This is a really eye-catching look.

21 Teal and Purple Smokey Eyes

color,eye,face,blue,eyebrow, Via Eye make-up
Super bold colors! Would you ever wear teal and purple smokey eyes?

22 Pink Smokey Eyes

eyebrow,face,eye,brown,eyelash, Via Google
Shimmery pink and black smokey eyes work surprisingly well. I love how the cat eye effect with the black eye shadow.

23 Purple Smokey Eye

color,eyebrow,face,eye,blue, Via *Šialená móda*: Očné tutoriály #3
If you're looking to be more adventurous with your eye makeup, try this incredible purple smokey eye.

24 Purple and Gold Dusty Smokey Eye

eyebrow,face,eyelash,eye,eyelash extensions, Via Step by step eye makeup ...
This is a magnificent look using gold and purple. I would never think to use these colors together and they look so good!

25 Blue and White Cut Crease

eyebrow,eye,face,blue,eyelash, Via Makeup <3
Here's another cut crease smokey eye featuring white, blue and some sparkly glitter,

26 Nude Smokey Eyes

eyebrow,face,eyelash,eye,eyelash extensions, Via Best South Asian bridal makeup ...
This is called nude smokey eyes, but it looks more brown to me. This is a way to wear smokey eyes without looking too done up.

I hope these photos of smokey eyes inspired you to try something new with your own version of smokey eyes. Which one was your favorite?

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