7 Clever Makeup Tips for Ivory Skin ...


If you are super fair and are constantly looking for makeup tips for ivory skin that won't make you look washed out or too made up, take a look below. I have super pale skin, almost ivory, and it took me a while to find makeup tips for ivory skin that actually look beautiful and don't make me look like a ghost! Ivory skin is beautiful, girls, so why not flaunt it a bit?

1. Know Your Tones

When you have ivory skin, you've got a lot of different undertones to your skin. Whether you have a bit of pink or peach or even a bit of blue or yellow to your skin, you want to know what undertones you have in your skin tone, so that you'll be able to match your foundation and make your skin look a little bit warmer. This is one of the most important makeup tips for ivory skin out there!

Warmer Shades
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