7 Stunning Colored Mascaras to Add Some Color to Your Life ...


Colored mascaras are really having a moment in the makeup world. There's no better way to make your eyes pop, even when you don't have time to experiment with eye shadow and liner. From coral to purple to green, there are dozens of colors that work for every eye color, whether you're flaunting your dark browns, baby blues, glimmering greens, or hypnotic hazels. If you haven't done so yet, jump on this vibrant bandwagon by picking your favorites from these stunning colored mascaras!

1. A Little Bit of Blue

A Little Bit of Blue

If you're wary of wearing blue eye shadow or liner, there are plenty of colored mascaras devoted to the color. I love the Light Flicker Mascara from Sephora + Pantone Universe, which comes in this gorgeous shade of Nightshadow Blue or a subtler, intriguing Ombre Blue. Check out Urban Decay and Almay for similar shades, or get this one for $18.00

Pretty in Purple
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