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7 Stunning Eyeliners for Summer That You Need Now

By Paula

When it comes to eyeliners for summer, you want brighter colors and lighter formulations that won't smudge or smear in the heat. The good news is that there are some really gorgeous eyeliners for summer around - here are 7 of my favorites that I hope you'll love as much as I do. I've tried to include something for all budgets, from designer brands to high street beauty bargains.

Table of contents:

  1. Collection extreme 24-hour felt tip liner in purple
  2. Stila stay all day waterproof liquid eyeliner in black
  3. Styli-style line and seal 24 twist waterproof eyeliner in moss
  4. Styli-style sharp eyes 24 liquid dip eyeliner in moody
  5. Kiko cosmetics tropical waterproof eyeliner in sugarloaf blue
  6. Barry m bold waterproof eyeliner in bronze
  7. Bobbi brown perfectly defined gel eyeliner in sapphire

1 Collection Extreme 24-Hour Felt Tip Liner in Purple

I love felt tip liners as it's so easy to draw the type of line you're looking for - flicks and cats eyes are a breeze! This is one of the best eyeliners for summer and especially gorgeous with green eyes - it's smudgeproof and will stay on all day long, plus the gorgeous violet color is less harsh than normal black liquid eyeliner. I love it!

2 Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Black

Another felt tip style liner, this waterproof essential from Stila gives great definition to your eyes and it will stay on all day - even in the pool and on the beach! Perfect for classic feline flicks.

3 Styli-Style Line and Seal 24 Twist Waterproof Eyeliner in Moss

This might not look like the most exciting color, but this slightly shimmery olive green liner is perfect for natural summer makeup looks. Plus the 24-hour formula resists water and stays put all day long but is a breeze to remove! I also love the raisin shade, a deep prune that would look great with green eyes! Oh, and it's a steal at under $5!

4 Styli-Style Sharp Eyes 24 Liquid Dip Eyeliner in Moody

This is great for a smoky summer evening look but can look equally stunning worn with a nude lip during the day time - Moody is a grey blue shade that looks great with a tan! If you're feeling like a bold shade, opt for Blue Tude. Whichever color you choose, the felt tip applicator and 24-hour formula ensures you won't be constantly reapplying.

5 Kiko Cosmetics Tropical Waterproof Eyeliner in Sugarloaf Blue

Bright eyeliner is so on-trend this summer, so for sexy eyes that really pop, this vibrant turquoise metallic liquid liner is perfect! Kiko also do a bright lime green shade but I absolutely love this turquoise liner with just a hint of shimmer. Pair it with some nude lipgloss to really draw attention to your eyes!

6 Barry M Bold Waterproof Eyeliner in Bronze

This little metallic pencil provides over 8 hours wear and it won't smudge or smear! The bronze shade can be worn alone with mascara for a pretty daytime look or layered with metallic eyeshadows for hot summer nights. I love this shade and it looks great with green or brown eyes!

7 Bobbi Brown Perfectly Defined Gel Eyeliner in Sapphire

This gel pencil provides rich pigmented color in a formula that won't budge - even without using primer on your lids, it lasts all day long! Sapphire is a gorgeous deep navy that makes blue eyes pop but looks great with most eye colors.

All this talk of eyeliners is making me want to go on a beauty binge! I'm loving the Collection felt liner in purple at the moment for retro flicks, but a few of the others are also favorites of mine! Which eyeliner will you be wearing this summer? What are your must-have, can't live without liners?

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