7 Liquid Eyeliner Application Tips ...


7 Liquid Eyeliner Application Tips ...
7 Liquid Eyeliner Application Tips ...

I just know there are a lot of you out there looking for helpful liquid eyeliner application tips. How do I know? Because I need them too! I love liquid eyeliner, but I've never been able to put it on properly, without fear of looking like I'm trying to recapture the two weeks in high school I spent as part of the Goth subculture (no, it was not pretty; I much preferred my grunge phase). Fortunately, you don't have to make yourself look like you're crying black tears of pain and sorrow. You can not only wear liquid eyeliner, you can rock it out. Just follow the awesome liquid eyeliner application tips I found!

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Start with a Pencil

Start with a Pencil Since my whole problem is being able to draw a straight line, this is the most essential liquid eyeliner application tip I can give you: start with a pencil. Liquid liner is meant to go right above your lashes, so making a straight line can be hard. Make a dotted line with your pencil instead, and then follow along with the brush on your liquid liner. It will be far, far easier. It's also better if you start in the middle of your lash line, and go out in either direction.


Go Slow

Go Slow A lot of ladies like to make a really thick, '50s style line with their liquid eyeliner. I'll grant you, this looks gorgeous. However, if you go too fast, then your line is going to get too thick, or it will smear, or it won't be straight. Thicken it a little bit at a time. If you rush, you're going to end up having to start all over again.


Keep Steady

Keep Steady I also have trouble keeping my hand steady. I have no idea why. In science camp and every anatomy class I ever had, I was able to hold my scalpel as steady as a surgeon, but when it comes to lining my eyes, I get the shakes like a chihuahua who has to pee. If need be, hunker down with your elbows on the counter. That can help. If you can manage to hold the wrist of your dominant hand while you do it, go for it.


Shake It

Shake It This is a liquid eyeliner application tip that probably seems self-evident to the point of stupidity, but you'd be surprised. You have to rigorously shake your liquid eyeliner before you start applying it. If you don't, you may find it way too thick, and that makes the application process much more difficult than it has to be.


Make It Long Lasting

Make It Long Lasting A lot of the complaints about liquid eyeliner have to do with the fact that it smears off too soon. You can fix that by first applying your eyeshadow, and then layering the liner over that. When you go this route, you want to make sure you use a good primer before anything else. However, put on your mascara after your eyeliner


Keep It Safe

Keep It Safe This is another liquid eyeliner application tip that may not occur to you. You shouldn't keep your liquid liner in your bathroom. When you take showers or baths, the steam makes the room really humid. Condensation could get trapped in your liquid eyeliner, which will make it hell to apply properly.


Let It Dry

Let It Dry Another mistake women sometimes make is not giving their liquid liner enough time to dry. You can fix this problem in two ways. First, you can look for a fast drying liner, so you won't have to sit there and wait for it to dry well. Or, you can just sit there and wait for it to dry well – a gently blowing fan or wave of your hand can help, though!

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omg the boys at my school dont like me because i dont where alot of make up,but i dont want to where alot of eyeline so i look like a slut.so what do i do? should i where lots of make-up and look like a slut or should i just be my-self.

Does anyone have the problem where there mascara gets to thick??? Well here's a tip that i use... I put a drop or 2 of makeup remover in my mascara & it makes it not so clumpy & last a few more applications:)

i like you tips... good going!!

OK I where alot of eyeliner and the guys like me but people say the guys dont like girls that where lots of eyeliner.but there is no guys that like her and she wheres a tiny bit if eyeliner and she is mad at me because the guys like me and they dont like her.so what do i do when my friend is mad at me just cuz i am prettier than her.So stupid.

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