19 Marvelous Makeup Tricks for Deep Set Eyes ...

Learning all of the different eye makeup tricks for deep set eyes can be really difficult! If you have really deep set eyes and are looking for a way to brighten them up, these eye makeup tricks really work! Below I'll go over what shades work best, how to really make your eyes stand out and what you can do to keep your shadow on all day! So girls, are you ready to explore my top eye makeup tips for deep set eyes?

1. Use Eyeshadow Primer

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Want to make sure that you keep all of your makeup on, especially that prized eyeliner and eye shadow? Eye shadow primer is the way to do it! Just dab a little bit of this stuff along your eyes, rub it in and I promise, your makeup won't go anywhere! This eye makeup trick for deep set eyes can actually work with any eye type, any time that you are really trying to make sure that your makeup stays put!

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