19 Marvelous Makeup Tricks for Deep Set Eyes ...


19 Marvelous Makeup Tricks for Deep Set Eyes ...
19 Marvelous Makeup Tricks for Deep Set Eyes ...

Learning all of the different eye makeup tricks for deep set eyes can be really difficult! If you have really deep set eyes and are looking for a way to brighten them up, these eye makeup tricks really work! Below I'll go over what shades work best, how to really make your eyes stand out and what you can do to keep your shadow on all day! So girls, are you ready to explore my top eye makeup tips for deep set eyes?

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Use Eyeshadow Primer

hair,human hair color,face,blond,hairstyle, Want to make sure that you keep all of your makeup on, especially that prized eyeliner and eye shadow? Eye shadow primer is the way to do it! Just dab a little bit of this stuff along your eyes, rub it in and I promise, your makeup won't go anywhere! This eye makeup trick for deep set eyes can actually work with any eye type, any time that you are really trying to make sure that your makeup stays put!


An eyeshadow primer is your secret weapon for keeping eye makeup flawless all day. It creates the perfect canvas by smoothing out any fine lines and preventing your eyeshadow from creasing. The result? Vibrant colors that pop and stay true to their hue, without any fading or smudging. If you're ready to wave goodbye to midday touch-ups, then embracing this essential step is a must. Plus, it can even intensify the look of your eyeshadow, making your beautiful deep set eyes stand out even more! So grab that little potion and let the magic begin!


Cover up Any Dark Circles

hair,human hair color,eyebrow,face,black hair, If you really want your deep set eyes to stand out beautifully, you've got to cover up all of the dark circles that you have. Concealer is a great way to do that! For me, I just put a little concealer on before my foundation, but after my primer, blend, blend, blend and then add on my foundation. It gets all of the dark away from my eyes and just highlights! This is an essential makeup tip for deep set eyes!


To ensure the concealer seamlessly covers those dark circles, choose a shade slightly lighter than your skin tone. This helps to illuminate the under-eye area, creating a lifted, awake appearance that enhances the depth of your eyes. Remember to set the concealer with a translucent powder to prevent it from creasing throughout the day. Applying the powder with a light hand ensures your under-eyes remain bright while also holding that concealer in place for long-lasting perfection.

Frequently asked questions

Oh, there are some amazing tricks! Try to use light shades for eyeshadow on your lids and darker shades on the outer corners. It really makes your eyes pop.

Great question! Highlight your brow bone and use eyeliner only on the upper lash line. It opens up the eyes beautifully!

Neutral and light-colored eyeshadows work wonders. However, you can add darker shades to contour the outer parts of your eyes. Experiment to see what makes you feel fabulous!

Absolutely! Go easy on the shimmer and try matte finishes. Also, using a good eye primer can make your eyes look even more stunning!

Subtlety is your best friend! Stick to soft, neutral tones and focus on defining your lashes. A little highlighting on the inner corners can make a huge difference!


Apply the Lightest Shadow All over

hair,eyebrow,human hair color,face,blond, Did you know that you can actually make your eyes appear less deep set by applying the lightest shade all over your lid? Just take your eyeshadow brush, dip it into your lightest shadow and swipe away! You'll see just how much brighter your eyes become and how beautiful they look! Remember, coordinate your colors to enhance your eye color!


When applying makeup to deep set eyes, it is important to use light colors to bring attention to the eyes and make them look brighter. The lightest shade of eyeshadow should be applied all over the lid to create a subtle, natural look. To add more definition, use a medium shadow on the crease and a darker shadow in the outer corner of the eye. To finish, apply a light shimmery shade to the inner corner of the eye to create an illuminated effect. When choosing colors, it is important to coordinate them with your eye color to make them stand out. With these makeup tips, your deep set eyes will be looking beautiful and radiant.


Color the inside Corner of Your Eyes

hair,face,black hair,photography,hairstyle, Along the inside corner of your eyes, make sure that you drag the lightest color there as well. That way, you can really highlight every single bit of your eye and you can really draw out the color. This technique draws attention to your eye color instead of how deep set they are. This makeup trick for deep set eyes is an essential one if you want to enhance your pretty peepers!


When it comes to makeup tricks for deep set eyes, color is key. Applying the right colors in the right places can make all the difference in making your eyes stand out. One of the most important makeup tricks for deep set eyes is to color the inside corner of your eyes.

By applying a light color to the inside corner of your eyes, it will draw attention to your eye color and draw out the beauty of your eyes. This technique can also help to make your eyes look brighter and more vibrant. For best results, use a light shade of eyeshadow, such as a light pink or light brown.

To apply the eyeshadow to the inner corner of your eyes, use a small, fluffy brush. Start by applying the eyeshadow to the inner corner of your eyes, and then blend it out towards the outer corner. Make sure to blend it out thoroughly, so that it appears seamless and natural.

When applying eyeshadow to the inner corner of your eyes, make sure to keep the eyeshadow close to the lash line. This will help to make your eyes look bigger and brighter.


Apply Dark Colors along the outside Corner of Your Eye

clothing,pink,wedding dress,dress,gown, Don't worry, you can still pull off the darker colors, you just want to apply those to the outer corners of your eyes. This will draw out your color and truly make sure that everyone focuses on that, instead of the deep-set portion of your eyes. So experiment with all of those blacks and navy blues, just make sure that they are along the outer corner!


Applying darker shades like charcoal, espresso, or plum at the outer corners can create a stunning contrast with your natural eye color, while also giving the illusion of a more open look. A touch of shimmer right at the edge can amplify this effect, making your eyes pop spectacularly. Just remember to blend well for a seamless transition between the colors. Keep the inner corners light to maintain a bright-eyed appearance. Embrace the power of a smoky eye effect to accentuate your unique eye shape, focusing the drama where it counts.


Coordinate Eyeshadows

hair,hairstyle,blond,long hair,dress, Remember when I talked about coordinating eye shadow with your eye color? Well, you also want to coordinate your light shadow colors and your dark colors. For example, if you are choosing a pale pink, why not choose a darker pink for the outer corner of your eyes?


The contrast between shades can truly make those peepers pop. For deep set eyes, consider using a shimmery light color on the lid to bring your eyes forward, and then a matte darker shade in the crease to add depth. This creates dimension, playing up the unique structure of your eyes. The trick is in blending the colors well, so you get that seamless transition from light to dark, accentuating the beauty of your deep set eyes with every flick of the brush. Remember, balance is key – too much darkness can make your eyes appear even more recessed.



hair,face,eyebrow,hairstyle,nose, Don't forget to powder it all up and lock in your makeup completely. Using powder can actually set your makeup so it stays all day, plus it can buff away any imperfections that you might have on your face. This makeup trick for deep set eyes can really be used for any eye shape, so remember it girls, even if you don't have deep set eyes!


Using translucent powder or one that matches your skin tone can help minimize shine and provide a smooth, matte finish. Apply it with a large, fluffy brush, focusing on the T-zone and under the eyes to prevent unwanted creasing. It's a crucial step, especially if you're planning for a long event or a night out. And don't worry about it making your makeup look heavy—a light dusting is all you need to seal the deal and achieve that flawless, long-lasting appearance.



hair,face,black hair,hairstyle,nose, Your make-up won't matter if your eyebrows aren't on their A-game. You don't want too much space between your eyes and eyebrows, and it's best to go with a straighter arch so your face appears relaxed and natural instead of surprised.


To achieve that flawless eyebrow look, first map out your natural brow shape by aligning a pencil to the side of your nostril, pointing upwards towards your brow - that's where your brow should start. Angle the pencil towards the outer edge of your eye - that indicates where it should end. Now, fill in with soft, hair-like strokes using a pencil or powder that matches your brow color for a more defined but still natural appearance. Remember, sparse brows can overshadow your beautiful deep-set eyes, so keeping them well-groomed is crucial. Regular trims and a touch of brow gel can keep stray hairs in place all day long.


Apply Moisturizer First

clothing,wedding dress,fashion,bridal clothing,dress, You should never forget to moisturize your beautiful face. It'll help you look fresh in the morning, and will allow your make-up to stay on all day without clumping or looking anything less than the best.


Easy on the Eyeliner

hair,black hair,face,hairstyle,nose, If you have deep-set eyes, you don't want to encircle your eye with liner. You should only use it on the outer corners, and avoid the inner corners so that your eyes don't look unnaturally small.


Deep-set eyes have a natural indentation in the brow bone, making them appear smaller and more recessed. To enhance their appearance, it's important to use makeup techniques that bring them forward. When it comes to eyeliner, it's best to keep it minimal for deep-set eyes. Instead of lining the entire eye, focus on the outer corners to create a subtle lift. Avoid lining the inner corners, as this can make the eyes look even smaller. Additionally, using a lighter eyeshadow on the inner corners and a darker shade on the outer corners can also help to make deep-set eyes appear more open and defined.


Never Darken the Crease

eyebrow,face,hair,nose,black hair, Never add a dark eyeshadow to just your crease, because it will make your eyes look even more deep-set. Keep any dark shadows up by your brow bone area for a better effect.


When applying makeup for deep-set eyes, it's essential to lighten up the crease area instead. Opt for shimmery tones or light, reflective colors to bring your eyes forward, creating an illusion of more space. Blend these lighter shades in and slightly above your crease, diffusing any harsh edges. By doing so, you accentuate your eyes without reinforcing the shadowed appearance that deep-set eyes naturally have. Ultimately, the goal is to achieve a balanced look that enhances your eye shape, not one that exaggerates its depth.


Soft, Bright Colors

clothing,sleeve,hairstyle,fashion,spring, You want to use bright colors to lighten up your eyes. As much as you love the color black, try to branch out by using softer colors like peach. It'll make your eyes stand out in a good way.


Draw Attention Elsewhere

hair,human hair color,face,blond,hairstyle, If you aren't a fan of your deep-set eyes, don't draw attention to them. Use less make-up on your eyes than on your lips. If you wear a bright, beautiful lipstick, everyone will be too focused on it to even notice your eyes.


To further divert attention from deep-set eyes, enhance your cheekbones with a touch of shimmer. Highlighting can work wonders by drawing the gaze to the elevated points on your face. Dab a bit of highlighter above your cheekbones and blend softly towards your ears for that radiant glow. Pair this with a matte bronzer just below the cheeks to sculpt and define. This play of light and shadow not only flatters your bone structure but ensures that your lips and cheeks steal the show.


Thin Eyeliner

hair,black and white,person,photography,beauty, As you already know, you need to be careful with eyeliner when you have deep-set eyes. Make sure you keep it thin, instead of using thick strokes. Also make sure to lift as you approach the outer corner of your eyes to make them appear wider.


When working with thin eyeliner, a precise application is crucial. Opt for a waterproof liquid or gel liner for better control and a more polished look. A fine-tipped brush or pen will allow you to create a subtle line that doesn't overpower your natural crease. Start from the inner corner and trace closely along the lash line. Remember, the goal is to enhance your eyes, not overshadow them. This delicate approach will keep your deep-set eyes looking bright and captivating.



hair,clothing,supermodel,hairstyle,long hair, Mascara is your best friend. Use at least two coats, focusing more on your outer eye corners than your inner eye. Don't forget your eyelash curler to finish off the job.


Smokey Eye

hair,white,person,clothing,photography, We all love a good smokey eye, but that doesn't mean you have to use all dark colors. Yes, a black and gray smokey eye is the most common, but you can create the same effect with light colors. It's the best way to go when you have deep-set eyes, so you might as well test it out.


Deep set eyes can be a challenge when it comes to makeup, but fear not! One of the best tricks for this eye shape is the smokey eye. While the classic black and gray smokey eye is popular, using lighter colors can create the same effect and is especially flattering for deep set eyes. This technique helps to bring out the eyes and make them appear more open. Additionally, using lighter colors can help to brighten and lift the eyes, making them stand out even more. So next time you're going for a smokey eye, don't be afraid to switch up the colors and try out a lighter version.


False Lashes

hair,black hair,clothing,hairstyle,brown hair, Full lashes can make your eyes appear bigger and more beautiful. Of course, not everyone is blessed with perfect lashes, which is where fake ones come in. If you don't have full eyelashes, buy a pair of false ones to put on, and see what a huge difference it makes.


Selecting the right style and length can be key to enhancing deep set eyes. Long, fluttery lashes might overpower the look, so opt for more natural lengths that offer volume at the base. When applying, make sure the lashes follow the natural curve of your eye to avoid a droopy effect—lifting slightly at the outer corners can give a subtle, eye-opening cat-eye look. Remember, a thin line of eyelash glue goes a long way, and always wait for the glue to become tacky before application for a smoother process and a more secure hold.


Don't Overpluck Eyebrows

hair,human hair color,face,blond,hairstyle, You don't want your eyebrows to be so thin that they distract from your beautiful eyes. When you're taking the time to apply your make-up so it looks gorgeous, you don't want anything taking focus away from them.


Maintain natural eyebrow shape by plucking with caution. Overly thin brows can appear outdated and do little to frame your face or enhance your deep set eyes. Instead, focus on tweezing stray hairs and perfecting the arch subtly. Embrace your brows' fullness to balance your features and ensure your eyes remain the star of the show. If in doubt, consult a professional for shaping and advice, as they can guide you towards the most flattering brow look for your face. Remember, fuller eyebrows are often associated with youth and vitality.


Be Confident

hair,face,eyebrow,hairstyle,beauty, The best way to rock any make-up look is to show confidence. Whether you love or hate your deep-set eyes, you're a beautiful lady. Don't be afraid to show that you know how great you are!

No matter what type of eyes you have, these makeup tricks for deep set eyes truly do work to enhance your eyes and draw them out a bit. Remember, this is not an imperfection, especially if you highlight your eyes to their fullest advantage. So girls, what other makeup tips for deep set eyes do you have to share?

This article was written in collaboration with Holly Riordan.

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Dermalmd is the only eye cream I have used that actually gets rid of dark circles and minimizes lines around the eyes. I notice a huge difference when I use it everyday. I stopped using it for a while and could tell the difference.

I have deep set eyes and horrible dark under eye circles that no concealer or corrector can hide. I've been able to cover the darkness somewhat but still have a gray look. How do I cover the dark circles without still having a gray tone show through? Or is the gray cast due to the shadow the deep set eyes creates and not able to be hidden with makeup?

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