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7 Tasteful Ways to Wear Neon Nails ...

By Sophia

Ways to wear neon nails can vary from tasteful to garish. Of course, we all want to be on the tasteful end of the spectrum, right? The neon trend can be very in your face, so making it come across as polished and tasteful can take some mastering. Thankfully there is a way to wear neon nails tastefully. Actually, there’s more than just one way! Take a look at the following ways to wear neon nail polish.

1 Keep Nails Short

Neon looks best in small doses, so wearing it on your nails is an easy way to work the trend. One of the key ways to wear neon nails is by keeping your nails on the shorter end of the scale. Trimmed, almond-shaped nails are your best bet. Longer talons covered in neon polish can look downright scary.

2 Try Softer Neons

Acid bright neons can give the appearance that you’re about to attend a rave, but thankfully there are a range of softer alternatives this season. I’m talking about creamier, slightly softer neons. Look for neon nail polish with a matte finish or that just give a wash of colour.

3 Keep It Simple

Put simply, when looking at ways to wear neon nails, don’t overdo it. Team your neon nails with a neutral outfit and avoid anything too clashing. You want your neon nails to look modern and chic, not like an 80s throwback.

4 Maintain That Manicure

Because neon nails will attract a lot of attention, make sure that your nails are perfectly manicured. Chipped polished or unkempt nails do not scream sophistication. Like previously mentioned, trimmed, almond-shaped nails are key. If you’re feeling particularly pedantic, keep a bottle of your nail polish on hand for any touch ups.

5 Match to Your Skin Tone

This way to wear neon nails just doesn’t apply to neon colours, but all colours as well. Choosing a colour that complements your skin tone can be all important. Different polishes can carry different undertones so if you can, try before you buy to make sure that the neon polish suits you well.

6 French Tips

If a full neon nail is still too much for you to handle, try a sliver of neon at the tip of the nail instead. It’s like a funkier take on the French manicure. Apply a coat of nude nail polish as the base and then a thin strip at the tip of the nail.

7 On Your Toes

If you think wearing neon nail polish on your fingers will be too distracting, try it on your toes instead. Neon nail polish would look great worn with tan or nude sandals. This way to wear neon polish is also great because your toes are far enough away from the rest of your outfit to worry about any major clashing.

These are just a few ways to wear neon nails tastefully. Of course, if you’re not a fan of neon nails to start with, you may not think that any of these ways to wear neon nail polish are particularly tasteful. What are your best tips for wearing neon nail polish?

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