13 Gorgeous Lipsticks Ideal for Dark Skin ...

Lipsticks for dark skin can be really daring and exciting. If your skin is very tan, caf? au lait, mocha, chocolate, or any other beautiful shade, and you're looking for some lip colors that really work for you, I've got you! The upcoming spring and summer seasons offer lots of new lipstick for dark skin. The shades are absolutely gorgeous. Some of them are classic, others are neutral and ideal for daytime, and still others are bright and bold. Check out these amazing lipstick colors for darker skin and see what you think!

1. Amazing Cosmetics Lipstick in Scarlett

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Price: $21.00 at sephora.com
Red lipsticks for dark skin are incredibly popular right now, as you shall see. A red lip is bold, sexy, and sophisticated. However, if you don’t want to go all out with a bright red, that’s no problem! Something a little darker and more dramatic like this shade will complement your skin and, because it’s a bit more subdued, you can easily wear it during the day, too.

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