7 Eye Makeup Tips for Hazel Eyes ...


7 Eye Makeup Tips for Hazel Eyes ...
7 Eye Makeup Tips for Hazel Eyes ...

Makeup tips for hazel eyes aren't easy to come by, believe me, I looked! Hazel eyes are some of the most unique eyes in the world. They are absolutely beautiful looking and can pull off so many different colors! With that in mind, let's explore some makeup tips for hazel eyes that really work and will bring out those beautiful colors! So, if you have hazel eyes, you've got to see what makeup tips for hazel eyes I've got below!

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Experiment with Colors

As I said before, one of the biggest makeup tips for hazel eyes I can offer is experiment with colors. There are a ton of different color shades out there that will bring out every single facade of color in your hazel eyes, why not experiment a little? Below, I've got quite a few color combinations and shades that seriously work for hazel eyes!


Hazel eyes are one of the most beautiful eye colors, and the right makeup can make them look even more stunning. To help bring out the different shades of your hazel eyes, it's important to experiment with different colors. Try out warm tones like bronze, copper, and gold to bring out the golden flecks in your eyes. Or, try some cool tones like navy, purple, and gray for a more subtle look. With the right combination, you can make your hazel eyes stand out!


Brown Shades

Hazel eyes, on the best of days can look brown. If you really want to bring out those brown hues, why not do your eyeshadow up right and throw in some brown shades? You could do anything from light brown all the way to dark brown to really make a dramatic imprint!


Golden Colors

Did you know that gold can actually accentuate any gold flecks or green flecks that you have in your hazel eyes? Well, if you add in just a little bit of gold and shimmer to your eyeshadow, you'll see the beauty in those hazel eyes! Gold flecks are definitely one of the makeup tips for hazel eyes that you should try out!


Avoid Excessive Amounts of Blue-Hued Shadows

One makeup tip for hazel eyes includes avoiding tons of blue-hued shadows. While navy blues and baby blues look great on, you don't want to put too many blue colors together, especially if your hazel eyes are more brown or more green than anything.


Hazel eyes contain a symphony of colors that can be eclipsed by overpowering blues. Instead, complement the natural complexity of your irises by choosing shades that enhance rather than compete with them. Consider using blues sparingly as an eyeliner or an accent rather than a primary shadow to prevent your enchanting hazel from being overshadowed. Opt for warmer undertones to bring out the gold and green flecks in your eyes, creating a harmonious color palette that makes your gaze truly captivating.


Lavender/Plum for Drama

If you want to pull of a little drama with those beautiful hazel eyes, try some lavender or plum colors! This makeup tip for hazel eyes is one that so many girls use when they are looking to go out for a night out on the town! These colors also look great with any little black dress or are perfect for date night. These colors also bring out the green hues in your eyes!


Beige & Caramel to Bring out the Green

Purples aren't the only colors that bring out the green, beige and caramel colors are also fantastic to bring out the green tones in your colors! Whether you are using a beige eyeliner and finishing up with a caramel eyeshadow or the opposite, you'll see a huge difference in your eye color!


Soft Pink for Romance

Now, if you are looking to soften up your hazel eyes and really pull off that romantic look, soft pinks and mauve colors are fantastic! Personally, I love these colors on any eye color, but with hazel eyes, these colors look absolutely beautiful!

So ladies, if you haze some hazel eyes and you are looking for makeup tips for hazel eyes, these are the top choices! Would you ever use any of these makeup tips for hazel eyes? If so, share your experience!

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Best color that I have found is Urban Decays "Last Call." It really makes my eyes pop. Kaitlyn - For small eyes only line your eyes half way on top and bottom. This will make your eyes look larger. Just make sure that your eye liner is thicker on the outside of the eye and thins out completly by the time you reach the middle of the eye.

What colors are best for brown/gold/ green eyes ?

BTW, how can I really play up the golden and greens in my eyes? What colors are good. I'm pretty young so not anything too dramatic please?

Hey! How are you? I have hazel eyes, but they never look like this in pictures (They look brown), and I really don't like this. Do you know something that can help me with this?

Would you have different tips for those of us with small eyes?

Love the picture! Really goes with the article. :)

i don't know if you have tried the urban decay eyeshadow color called lounge, but it is SOOO amazing for hazel eyes. it brings out the green so much! you absolutely have to try it!

I use a purple eyeliner for everyday use... It's amazing! It really plays up the green in my normally really brown hazel eyes.

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