Easy Steps on How to do Matte Lipstick the Right Way ...


Matte lips are the go-to look right now. If you’ve been used to lip gloss or creamy lipsticks then matte lipstick can feel shocking at first. There’re some tips that make matte lips easier to wear and help them look great on you. Soon, you’ll wonder how you ever wore anything else.

1. Choose Some Shades That Look Good in Matte Form

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Before you can wear matte lips, you have to shop for the right matte lipstick. It’s become such a popular trend that almost every brand of cosmetics has a selection of matte lippies. A good tip to remember is that whatever shades flatter you in other lip products will probably work well in matte. A lovely matte lippie I’m currently hooked on is Mac Honey Love. It’s the perfect shade of nude.

Don’t Count on Matte Lipstick for Hydration
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