Genius Tips for Applying Your Concealer for a Flawless Finish ...


Concealer is a magical little product that can help you feel better about your looks even if you have acne scars or a breakout. I use concealer every single day and thereโ€™s a big difference when itโ€™s on compared to when itโ€™s not. Getting concealer on right can be tricky. Too much is obvious, but too little doesnโ€™t do a good job of masking what youโ€™re trying to hide. So, I went to the experts and got the best tips for getting your concealer just right, once and for all.

1. Pick the Right Color of Concealer or It Will Never Look Good

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Youโ€™re never going to be able to count on flawless concealer if you choose the wrong shade. You need a concealer that very closely matches your skin and foundation. When you smooth on the product, you want it to blend into the area around it, right? The wrong shade, whether itโ€™s too light or too dark, will never mesh and will be totally obvious. Test the products before buying to make sure you get the best one for you.

Use Concealer after Foundation, but before Your Blush
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