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Naturally looking false eyelashes are a great option for those who weren’t blessed with the real deal. Achieving that natural look, however, can be a whole different ball game. Some false lashes can look quite exaggerated and fake, but there are plenty of ways to make them look completely natural. Take a look at the following few tips for achieving natural looking false eyelashes.

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Colour can be a dead giveaway when it comes to naturally looking false eyelashes. Choose a colour that matches your already existing lashes, especially if you’ll be wearing them without mascara. You’ll often find that matching your falsies to your existing colour will be much more flattering overall.



The longer the lashes, the better, right? Well, that’s not always the case. Keeping your false lashes a similar length to your existing lashes is your best bet for a natural look. Too much a difference in length can be another giveaway that those lashes are, indeed, false. Measure them up to your own lashes before applying and trim as necessary.



It’s important to follow the instructions that come with your set of false lashes. The placement of your lashes can also play a big part in achieving natural looking false eyelashes. You want the lashes to be placed along your lash line, following your natural curve. Also, avoid applying the lash strip too close to your inner eye as this can look quite unnatural.


Individual Lashes

Instead of lash strips, you could also try using individual lashes for a softer, more natural look. Individual lashes can be a bit more versatile and allow you to fill in your lash line as you see fit. A handy trick is to apply a few individual lashes to the outer edges of your lash line for flattering, longer looking lashes.


Fill in

Once your false lashes are in place, fill in any gaps between the lash strip and your natural lashes with eyeliner. For naturally looking false eyelashes, don’t be too heavy handed with the filler and go for a blended look instead of band of liner around your eyes.



To achieve naturally looking false lashes, blend them in with your existing ones. If you’ve applied them well, they should look fairly blended already but things such as curling them or applying a coat of mascara (to both the real and false lashes) can help blend them even more.



Applying false eyelashes can be tricky and making them look ‘just right’ can take a bit of practice. Follow the instructions that come with the packet to get the most out of your falsies. Practice makes perfect and don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles to see what works best for you.

So, there you go, just a few tips for helping you achieve naturally looking false eyelashes. No matter what the occasion, a set of lush, natural looking lashes will always complement your features. Do you have any tips for natural looking false eyelashes?

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