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7 Marvelous Tips on How to Put on False Eyelashes ...

By Heather

Learning all of the different ways on how to put on false eyelashes is hard! I know that I looked up tutorial after tutorial and it still took me forever to learn how to put on false eyelashes. So girls who love falsies, how about we take some time and explore my top 7 tips on how to put on false eyelashes that make it really easy and super seamless? No more wasting your time and your eyelash glue!

1 Trim the Lashes

The first tip on how to put on false eyelashes it to trim the lashes if they are wider than your eye. You actually want to trim one side of the falsies and go lash by lash. Remember girls, you want to make sure that you are super precise when it comes to trimming and make sure that you are matching your width! If you want to take it one step further, you can actually trim each individual lash to make your falsies seem more natural if you want – for me, I like big and bold!

2 Run the Eyelashes through Glue

With the eyelash glue, that is typically where I get a little confused. One great tip that I learned when I was trying to figure out how to put on false eyelashes is to squeeze the glue on the back of my hand and actually run the eyelashes through the glue that way – that way the lashes are coated and you aren't getting the glue everywhere!

3 Blow on the Lashes after Applying

Now that you've got all of the glue on your eyelashes, make sure that you are blowing softly on the lashes, edge to edge. This will actually make the glue stick to your flashes and will make sure that it doesn't run everywhere. Do you ladies have that problem when you were first learning how to put on false eyelashes? I know I did!

4 Pick Lashes up with Tweezers

I never learned until recently, when I was trying to put on false eyelashes for a costume party that I should be picking up the lashes with tweezers all of the time. This will make sure that you are totally precise and that your lashes go right along your lash line. Try this tip on how to put on false eyelashes ladies, it totally works!

5 Press End to End

When you are trying to put on false eyelashes, one of the biggest things to remember is pressing down! One of the surefire ways that I've found that works to keep the lashes in place while the glue is setting up is pressing end to end. Try it ladies, I promise this has made putting false eyelashes on so much easier!

6 Allow Glue to Set

Remember when I said that the glue has to have time to set? Well girls, put your fingers to work and when you are pressing down, make sure to hold your fingers there for at least a few minutes – that way you can allow the glue to set up! You don't want to move around too much or try to open your eyes or squeeze your eyes shut when the glue isn't set – otherwise you could be reapplying the lashes all over again!

7 Apply Mascara While Pressing Finger behind Fake Lashes

Finally ladies, the last how to put on false eyelashes tip that I have is that once the glue has set, go ahead and go a little crazy with the mascara! You can actually place your finger behind the false eyelashes and coat your natural lashes up, to give yourself a bit more volume and definition!

So girls, no longer do you have to be scared to put on false eyelashes! These tips on how to put on false eyelashes are tried and true and I promise – they are way easier than any tutorial that you'll find! So girls, what other how to put on false eyelashes tips do you have?

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