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While I am a big fan of quality mascara, I have to admit that I do tend to get it all over my face: I don’t know why this happens – I mean, I buy waterproof (!) – but it always does. Recently, I’ve taken up wearing gorgeous fake lashes instead of my usual smoky black makeup, and I have to admit, after some initial difficulty, I’m pretty much completely sold. If you, like me, can’t keep your mascara on your eyes but you’re not keen to sacrifice the drama and give it up, read on: I’ve compiled this list of 7 tips for success with false eyelashes.

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Pick the Right Ones

To begin with, you need to ask yourself whether you’re going for a drama, glam, or a look that’s a little more natural; obviously if you plan to wear them during the day, you’re unlikely to want a set that comes complete with rhinestones, glitter and mile long feather extensions, fro example.


Go for Quality

It is possible to get fake lashes relatively cheaply, however, invariably, these bottom-of-the-range products will disappoint. Go for something just a little more expensive and reputable. You will find the glue holds better, the lashes are more natural-looking and the shape of the product makes for easy application.


Read the Instructions

Always read the application instructions when you’re dealing with false lashes. They may be boring and obvious, but they may also contain important info about how to apply the particular set you’ve bought, or how to remove the permanent adhesive. You want to be very careful with this last factor: if your falsies come with strong sticking glue, you can damage your natural lashes by attempting to remove them incorrectly.



Once you have opened the pack and remove the lashes, hold the strip up against your close eye. If the false eyelash is too long at all, trim it down to the correct size using a pair of sharp scissors – if they’re blunt they will bend and damage the product. This will give the lash a more natural appearance and help it stay fixed correctly to your eye.



Before you get on with actually applying your lashes, it’s important that you make sure your eyelid and natural eyelashes are free from makeup and oil. Soak a cotton ball in makeup remover and thoroughly clean the entire area before patting it dry with a soft towel.



Hold your false lashes firmly, using a pair of tweezers or the gripping tool that comes in the pack, and apply a thin line of adhesive to the strip. Usually, you will need to wait around about half a minute until the glue loses some of its liquidity and becomes tacky; this will result in better sticking power.



Start at the outside corner of your eye and slowly lay the strip of false lashes onto your eyelid. Try to at close as you can to the roots of your natural eyelashes – this will give you a more natural effect. You may need to hold the lash in place for a few seconds before it sticks and holds: Voila

Fake lashes can be tricky to handle, but once you’ve got the hang of them, they’re really great to use. This list of 7 tips for success with false eyelashes should have you applying them like a pro: do you have any expert advice of your own to add?

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