8 Makeup Mistakes That Age You ...


8 Makeup Mistakes That Age You ...
8 Makeup Mistakes That Age You ...

There are tons of makeup mistakes that age you that you could be making every single day and not even know it! If you look in the mirror and see someone older – after you do your makeup, you might be committing one of these critical makeup mistakes that age you! To stop the crimes, I've compiled a list of all of the top makeup mistakes that age you below! That way you won't be caught dead with caked on concealer or runny mascara!

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Caked on Concealer

One of the most common makeup mistakes that age you, can come from putting on too much concealer. If your concealer looks totally cakey on your skin and makes your skin appear not natural, than that's a total makeup mistake! A solution to this is making sure that your concealer is light and airy, instead of thick and cakey!


Runny Mascara

Sometimes, you can't control your runny mascara. It could be a case of your mascara getting wet somehow. A lot of women do not actually check their mascara before they leave, so they could have some smudges and little black lines. Girls, you always want to make sure that you are checking every single bit of your face before you leave, that way you can make sure that your mascara is in the right place! Also, waterproof mascara can work wonders!


Blood Red Lips

While red lips can look fantastic for most seasons, you want to be careful with which red you are choosing. You don't want to choose a red that is super blood red or a red that is going to be too dark for your skin tone. This is absolutely one of the most common makeup mistakes that age you super quickly! So instead of blood red, choose a bright cherry red!


Sunken in Cheeks

With blush and bronzer tricks, it can be super easy for you to actually make your cheeks appear sunken in. This isn't a look that you want ladies! Instead, make sure that you know exactly how to get rid of that sunken in look! There are tons of different blush tips out there that can make your skin appear youthful instead of aging you.


Too Thin Brows

Another common makeup mistake that age you can actually be plucking your brows too thin and creating that 'surprised' look. This can actually age you a lot. One of the solutions that I've found is just making sure that you know what 'too' thin is for your face and also ensuring that you go to professional to get your brows waxed or plucked!


Too Much Powder

Do you have those days when your skin just feels super cakey and heavy? It could be because you have a bit too much powder on your face! If you lighten up on the powder and go with something mineral, it could really make your face seem more youthful and brighten up your entire demeanor!


Wrong Shade of Foundation

One common makeup mistake that ages you can be just picking the wrong shade of foundation. The foundation shade that you choose should completely match your skin color. It should really be all natural and should never show through. If you neck is a different color than your face, there is a problem ladies!


Going Too Natural

Finally, the last makeup mistake that ages you is going too natural. Do you constantly just throw on a bit of powder and mascara? Does your powder not cover any of the red blotches or even any of the acne you might have? Keep in mind the level of makeup that you feel comfortable putting on, but remember, don't go too natural!

So, there you have it! All of my top makeup mistakes that age you instantly. What other common makeup mistakes that age you do you ladies have? What mistakes have you corrected in the past?

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i like this post alot, but i disagree with the last one.. i think natural is always good :)

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