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7 Tips for Wearing False Lashes ...

By Sophia

How to wear false lashes can be a bit confusing, especially if you’re new to the game. False lashes are one of the big makeup trends this season, if recent runway looks are anything to go by. It’s important then that you know how to wear false lashes and look after them. Take a look at the followings tips regarding false lashes and how to wear them.

1 Choose the Right Shaped Lash

There are a range of different false lashes to choose from, depending what particular effect your after. You can get individual lashes, lash strips, or even more exaggerated styles such as feathers and paper cutouts. If you want fuller, natural looking lashes then most experts would recommend using individual false lashes. How to wear false lashes? Wear the right shape!

2 Prepare Eyes before Application

Prepare your eyes before applying your false lashes. Curl your eyelashes and apply a swipe of mascara first. If you’re applying individual lashes, this step helps separate your existing lashes for easy application. Applying eyeliner will also help hide the base of your false lashes. Preparation is key when you're wondering how to wear false lashes.

3 Measure and Trim

False eyelashes aren’t a one-size-fits-all kind of deal, so measuring and trimming them to suit your own eye shape and size is an important step. If using a lash strip that is wider than your eye, trim the lashes individually from one end. If trimming lash length, remember that lashes should ideally be longer towards the outer corner of the eye. Remember to trim them before they’re on your eyes...

4 Get Gluing

There are differing opinions when it comes to where you should apply the lash glue or adhesive. Some suggest applying directly on the false lashes, while others think it’s best to apply directly to your lash line (note: NOT your lashes). Either way, avoid applying too much glue by gently running small beads of glue onto the application surface. When taking off your makeup, make sure that you remove all traces of glue.

5 Blending

After you’ve applied the false lashes, curl both your false lashes and natural lashes at the same time so you get a seamless finish. This is especially important when wearing black lashes. Also, apply eyeliner above the false lash line to blend and hide the base. Avoid applying mascara to false lashes tough as this could mess with the fibres and their overall appearance.

6 Gently Does It

Be with your false lashes, both when you’re applying and wearing them. When applying, push them in gently and use an eye make up brush or tweezers to help place them near the root of your lashes. When they’re on, avoid touching them excessively.

7 Practice Makes Perfect!

Like with most things, the key to perfecting the ideal false lash is with lots of practice. If lash strips seem all too complicated, start off by applying a few individual lashes at the very outer corners of your eyes for definition. The first attempt might not always go as well or as smoothly as planned, but things can only get better with time, patience, and plenty of practice.

Hopefully these tips will help you out if you’re ever wondering how to wear false lashes. Have you ever tried wearing false lashes? What are your best tips for false lashes and how to wear them?

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