7 Magical Tricks for Girls Who Want Everyone's Eyes on Their Lips ...


7 Magical Tricks for Girls Who Want Everyone's Eyes on Their Lips ...
7 Magical Tricks for Girls Who Want Everyone's Eyes on Their Lips ...

Your lips are a special part of your body. You use them to eat, to talk, and even to kiss. Even though they're used for daily activities, your luscious lips can go unnoticed if you don't treat them right. Whether you want to draw attention to them for the sake of attracting a man or just for looking stunning in photographs, here are a few tricks that could come in handy:

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Exfoliate Your Lips

Your cheeks aren't the only area of your face that you should exfoliate. You should also exfoliate your lips once a week in order to get rid of dead skin and make them appear more moist. One of the easiest ways to make a scrub for your lips is by mixing a tablespoon of brown sugar with a little bit of honey. Scrub it onto your lips, let it stay there for a full minute, and then wash it all off.


Put Foundation on Your Lips

Lipstick is a great way to draw attention to your lips. However, a lot of them will rub off by the time you're halfway through your day. That's why you should dab some foundation onto your lips before you apply your lipstick. Not only will it keep the color on for a longer period of time, but it'll also give you the illusion of having fuller lips.


Use Lip Liner

Lip liner isn't a trend that died in the 90s. You can still use it today, as long as you match your lipstick color to the lip liner color. That way, no one will even know that you're wearing it, but they will know that your lips look plumper than usual.


Touch Your Lips

You don't need to apply products to your lips in order to make them stand out. If you see a cutie that you want to kiss, then you can just lick your lips or touch them with your hands. If you have a drink nearby, then sipping on the straw will also draw his attention right to your mouth.


Find a Lipstick Color That Fits You

You don't want all eyes on your lips for the wrong reasons. That's why you need to be carful to pick a lipstick color that suits you. Olive skin tones look gorgeous while wearing nude and orange. Fair skin tones look amazing with deep colors like red. Darker skin tones look fabulous with plum and berry colors.


Don't Wear Heavy Eye Makeup

If you want your lips to stand out, then you shouldn't wear heavy eye makeup. If you do, then everyone's attention will be at the top of your face instead of at the bottom. Stick to wearing an eye-catching lipstick and leaving your eyes neutral. That way, their focus will be drawn to the area you want to show off.


Apply Clear Gloss

After you apply your lipstick, you should also put on a coat of clear gloss. Why? Because it’ll catch the light and draw attention to your luscious lips.

Your lips are so beautiful that they deserve to be seen. That's why you should follow these tips to make sure that everyone around you catches a glimpse of them. What other tricks do you use to draw attention to your lips?

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Kylie j has tampered with her lips hasn't she? Live the post though

Nice white smile will attract any kind of lips!!!

@claire foundation is just another use to prime ur lips before putting lipstick on

Oh god, please don't put foundation in your lips. It looks ridiculous! And yes, Kylie has had injections in her lips, she admitted it.

Highlight Cupid's bow!

Instead of foundation, I line and fill in my lips with a nude shade that matches my skin tone. Then I apply liner that matches the color of the lipstick I'd be wearing.

I think foundation before lipsticking is good

Literally though, people in the UK are usin foundation on their lips and leaving it like that. I looks hideous. Understandable for a primer

For fuller lips a plumper gloss look lik e kylie j

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