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8 Unique Benefits of Mineral Makeup ...

By Heather

Did you know that there are actually tons of benefits of mineral makeup? If you've never worn mineral based cosmetics, you might not know about all of the benefits of mineral makeup that actually work! Whether it is the fact that this makeup is breathable or that it reflects lights, the advantages are endless. So girls, you ready to take a trip with me to explore mineral makeup and discover the benefits?

1 Breathable

Like I said, one of the biggest benefits of mineral makeup is the fact that it is completely breathable. It's light, it's airy and it'll leave your skin looking beautiful. Most mineral makeup even has some age-reducing effects inside of it as well! If you're looking for a great addition to your makeup bag, this is it!

2 Fantastic Coverage

To be honest, there is a lot of controversy over whether or not mineral makeup actually has coverage and if it is enough. For me, I use mineral makeup all of the time and I've got to say that it covers beautifully! It covers up the redness of my cheeks and even every blemishes that I have!


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3 Lightweight

The best thing that I love about mineral makeup is the fact that it is super lightweight! Trust me on this, you won't ever have to worry about your makeup feeling too heavy or caked on if you're wearing mineral makeup. It's a powder, so you can imagine just how light it feels on your skin!

4 Easy to Put on

Mineral makeup is also super easy to put on, girls! Just a few little swipes of a brush and you've got all kinds of coverage! For me, it takes me about five minutes to put on my mineral foundation, no mess at all. It's fantastic in the morning!

5 Protects

Did you know that there is actually tons of protection from the sun tucked away in any mineral powder? If you've been dreading going outside because you don't feel protected, just swipe on a bit of your mineral powder and you'll be covered! That is one of the huge points that I have when I'm looking for mineral makeup.

6 Light Reflective

I love that mineral makeup is light reflective! Not only will it get rid of any imperfections that you might see with other makeups, but did you know that it can get rid of shine too? I swear, I wouldn't have any other makeup besides mineral makeup!

7 Reduces Appearance of Skin Imperfections

Now that you know how it gets rid of skin imperfections, did you know that there are mineral makeups out there that are packed with vitamins? So you'll actually be able to soak those in and have your skin looking healthier and younger? That's what happened to me! My skin looks so young now!

8 Oil-Free

Finally girls, if you have oily skin and you can't seem to find the coverage that you've been looking for, this is the way to get it. Mineral makeup is completely oil-free, so you won't be adding in more oil to your face! It can also make your skin appear completely oil-free too!

So girls! These are all of my benefits and reasons that I use mineral makeup all of the time. Do you girls have any other benefits to add? What's your favorite mineral makeup?

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