7 Vintage Makeup Looks for Women with Old Souls ...


7 Vintage Makeup Looks for Women with Old Souls ...
7 Vintage Makeup Looks for Women with Old Souls ...

Do you feel like you're an old woman trapped in a young woman's body? Then you don't have to wear your makeup the way that all of your peers are wearing it. Instead, you can recreate looks that were popular back in the day. Here are a few vintage makeup looks for women with old souls:

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Well Hello Sailer Makeup Look

This is an easy pin-up girl look. You're going to make sure that your brows are arched for this style, because that's the way that women liked to wear them back in the day. Then you're going to add shadow to your eyes, add wings to your eyes, and apply your lashes. Those lashes were important back then, so make sure you apply some corner lashes in addition to your top lashes!


Marilyn Monroe Makeup Look

Do you wish you could look like Marilyn Monroe? Then you should try following this makeup routine. Start by putting white shadow over your eyes, and following it up with some brown over your crease. After that, you can use your liquid liner to create a flat topped pyramid with your eye. Then you're halfway on your way to looking like a modern version of Marilyn Monroe!


Pin up Makeup

If you want to recreate the look from this tutorial, then you're going to create full eyebrows, winged eyes, rosy cheeks--and, of course, red lips. Back in the day, beauty marks were also pretty popular, so you can use makeup to darken your beauty marks or draw on fake ones.


Vintage Glam Party Makeup

This makeup tutorial is perfect for prom, a party, or any other fancy occasion. It was actually inspired by RuPaul, because he knows a thing or two about fashion. If you're interested in creating it, you're basically going to paint your lips red, put shimmer on your eyes, and add light pink blush to your cheeks.


40s Pinup Hair and Makeup

This video shows you more than how to do your makeup. It also shows you how to do your hair. So once you define your brows and swipe your red lipstick on, you can curl your hair and pin all of the different pieces in place. That way, you'll look like you've just stepped out of a time machine.


Vintage Glam Makeup Look

This is a classic look with neutral eyes, soft colored cheeks, and a pop of red on the lips. It's a pretty easy look to pull off, which means you won't have to waste your entire morning in front of the mirror. You'll be finished quicker than you usually are, and you'll look better than you usually do (if that's even possible)!


Modern Pin up Makeup

If you want to blend the traditional with the modern, then this makeup look is perfect. It's inspired by the pin-up girls of the past, but it has a 2016 twist to it. That way, it'll feel like your face matches your old soul, but you won't look out of place when you hang out with your friends from this century.

These makeup tutorials are perfect for women with old souls, because they'll make you feel right at home. Which one of these makeup routines are you going to try yourself?

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Love the looks. How about makeup looks from the 1920's? The flappers were the rule breakers by cutting their hair not to mention those dresses!

loving to pull this look soon

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