This 17-Year-Old Makeup Artist Can Become Anyone She Wants ...


I wish I could work a little of the magic this teenage makeup artist can ... with a wave of her liner and lippie, Annelies Maria Francine can truly become anyone she wants, with any iconic look. It's amazing... I'm totally in awe!

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Scarlett O'Hara

Scarlett O'Hara She's a ringer for Vivien Leigh as Scarlett in Gone with the Wind!


Daisy Buchanan

Daisy Buchanan She nailed Carey Mulligan's look from The Great Gatsby, didn't she?



Belle How did she do this?! She looks just like you'd expect Belle to look in real life.


Audrey Horne

Audrey Horne Fans of the cult favorite Twin Peaks will recognize Sherilyn Fenn's perfect arched brows.


Sherilyn Fenn's portrayal of Audrey Horne was not just a fashion statement but also an influential face of the early '90s. Her bold brows became a signature look that echoed her character's mystery and allure. With just the right shade of lip color and an impeccable vintage hairstyle, Fenn captured an era of dramatic femininity. Today's makeup enthusiasts still draw inspiration from Audrey's classic look, proving that true style is timeless. Whether you aim for sultry eyes or subtle glamour, Audrey Horne's iconic makeup could be your blueprint for classic beauty.


More Scarlett

More Scarlett Ah! This recreation is even more spot on than the first! I love it!


Gibson Girl

Gibson Girl Honestly, there's apparently not a single look she can't manage, and beautifully.


She masters the art of transformation with such ease that one could easily mistake her for the characters she portrays. Her take on the iconic Gibson Girl—a symbol of the ideal woman of the early 20th century—is no different. With her hair piled high and her features accentuated with period-appropriate makeup, she breathes new life into this vintage style, making it relevant and mesmerizing all over again. It's as if the illustrations have leaped off the page and into the modern world, with her as the perfect embodiment of the timeless beauty standard.



Sabrina You realyl have to do a double-take to make sure this isn't actually a photo of Audrey Hepburn from Sabrina.


With an uncanny ability to transform herself into iconic characters, this teenage makeup maestro channels the essence of Hepburn's elegance and grace from the 1954 classic. Her meticulous attention to the transformative power of makeup captures every detail, from Audrey's coiffed eyebrows to her signature pout. She uses deft strokes and subtle contouring to recreate the delicate features of Hollywood's darling, proving that with the right tools and talent, the face can indeed be a canvas for historic beauty recreations. Her followers are left in awe, marveling at how a modern teenager can embody the timeless sophistication of a bygone era's silver screen legend.



Ariane Again, is this Audrey Hepburn in another fab movie role (from Love in the Afternoon), or is it our favorite new makeup magician?


Anne Frank

Anne Frank This one's especially poignant, isn't it? They share the same first name, too.


Elizabeth Bennett

Elizabeth Bennett There's no way Darcy would ever stand a chance against falling in love with this Lizzie Bennett, silly mother and sisters and all.


Without a doubt, the transformative prowess shown here is nothing short of astounding. Lizzie Bennett, as depicted in this captivating makeover, exudes both the grace and vivacity of Jane Austen's cherished heroine. The skilled hand that crafted such an interpretation must certainly possess an innate understanding of character essence, allowing for a realistic and engaging portrayal. True to form, the playful wit and luminous intelligence of Elizabeth shine through, inviting a knowing smile to all those familiar with the beloved classic, Pride and Prejudice.


Girl with a Pearl Earring

Girl with a Pearl Earring She gets the light and makeup and everything right, looking like she's straight out of the Vermeer painting.


Harnessing sheer talent and a meticulous eye for detail, this gifted artist transforms her canvas—her face—into an echo of history's most iconic artworks. It's not just a mere replication she achieves, but a vibrant embodiment that breathes new life into classic masterpieces. Her recreation of Vermeer's mystique encapsulates the essence of the Dutch Golden Age, prompting a second glance to distinguish between the original painting and her striking interpretation. Like the timeless beauty of the Girl with a Pearl Earring, her work stands as a testament to the power of makeup as an art form.


Arya Stark

Arya Stark A must-see (and possibly must-imitate?) for any GoT fan... she even has the perfect Arya game-face!


Arya Stark, the fierce and adventurous character from Game of Thrones, is brought to life with astonishing attention to detail. Note the intricacy of her costume makeup, capturing the essence of Westeros’ most daring swordswoman. This transformation is a stellar example of how a gifted artist can channel a character's inner strength and outer characteristics. With needle-like precision, the makeup artist not only masters Arya's signature look but also embodies her spirit—a true testament to skill meeting passion. Whether hiding in plain sight or preparing for battle, this portrayal of Arya Stark is spot-on.


Edwardian Girl

Edwardian Girl If there were any good color photographs of the Edwardian era, I'm sure they'd look just like this. Her entire look is flawless!


The intricate lace detail on her Gibson girl blouse, complemented by the delicate cameo necklace, encapsulates the refined fashion sense of the early 20th century. Her hair, piled high into a bouffant style with tendril curls, harks back to an age of elegance and femininity. The soft wash of color on her cheeks and the natural hue on her lips suggest the modesty and grace that were the hallmarks of Edwardian beauty standards. It's a timeless grace that whispers stories of serene Sunday afternoons and genteel garden parties.


Snow White

Snow White Obviously the Disney animated version, not the KStew "Huntsman" version, though I'm sure she'd slay in that one too.


When this gifted makeup whiz transforms into Snow White, she nails the princess's iconic look with a level of precision that's simply magical. From the rosy cheeks to those innocent doe eyes, it's as if Snow White has stepped right out of the animation cell and into real life. Yet, there's an edge to her artistry that hints at untold stories behind the fairytale—a blend of sweetness and strength that is truly enchanting. Fans of the classic character are sure to be spellbound by her depiction of this timeless Disney heroine.


1920s Flapper

1920s Flapper Oh, wow... she looks like she just walked out of a scene in Downton Abbey.


Glammed up with bold lipstick, feathery headbands, and glittering sequins, her transformation embodies the rebellious spirit and the effervescent charm of the Jazz Age. With a short, bobbed hairstyle and smoky eyes reminiscent of the era's silver screen stars, she's the epitome of a 1920s flapper — fearless, fashionable, and above all, fabulous. Her look screams Gatsby-worthy parties and Charleston dances, a true throwback to the Roaring Twenties.


1950s Girl

1950s Girl This is a look inspired by the dress she's wearing, which her great-grandmother made for her grandmother. Even her hair is perfect!


Silent Movie Star

Silent Movie Star She looks so much like Clara Bow, with her rosebud lips and amazing eyes!


Another Audrey

Another Audrey This one, again, is just so perfect in every way! She looks just like Audrey in Roman Holiday!


The Boy Who Lived

The Boy Who Lived I didn't even have to look at the caption to see who she was cosplaying, she's that good.


1960s Mod

1960s Mod Her makeup is perfect, her hair is just right, even her expression, pose, and jewelry are spot on.


In Real Life

In Real Life And this is the gorgeous girl Annelies is every day... just beautiful!

To see more of her work, follow Annelies on Instagram at @bewitchedquills.

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wow, this girl is simply talented!

This is amazingggg😍😍

I wish my 17 year old self could do this.


Wow! Can she make me look like Audrey Hepburn please? Amazing!


Her Instagram is actually @anneliesvanoverbeek

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