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If you're an avid Tumblr user, then you're used to seeing the same type of clothing and makeup over and over again on gorgeous girls. Well, instead of wishing you looked more like those girls with thousands of notes on their posts, you can recreate their looks! Then you can post some pictures of your own. Ready to try it? Here are a few makeup tutorials for women who love Tumblr:

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Tumblr Inspired Makeup and Hair

This video shows you more than how to do your makeup. It also shows you how to style your hair. That way, you can look like a real Tumblr girl! Basically, you're going to darken your brows, create wings on your eyes, and use dark pink lip gloss. Then, when it's time to do your hair, you're going to twist it into two cute braids.


The tutorial takes you through each step with ease, so whether you're a makeup novice or a seasoned pro, you'll be able to follow along. Not only does this look serve major throwback vibes to the peak of the Tumblr era, but it's also surprisingly versatile for a night out or an artsy Instagram photoshoot. Remember, the aim is to achieve that quintessential soft grunge aesthetic that's both edgy and cute. So grab your eyeshadow palettes and ready your hair ties; it's time to transform into the Tumblr icon you always wanted to be.


Everyday Makeup Routine

Here's a makeup tutorial that'll make you look sweet and innocent. It doesn't look 100% natural, but it doesn't look like your makeup is caked on, either. It creates the perfect balance. That's why you should borrow this woman's makeup routine to look like the most gorgeous girl around. You might even look just as pretty as your Tumblr crush!


This tutorial guides you through a simple yet effective process to enhance your natural beauty. Starting with a light moisturizer as a base and followed by a BB cream or tinted moisturizer, it assures you a dewy finish. A pop of peach blush on the cheeks gives you that just-pinched look, while a brown eyeliner softly defines the eyes without overpowering. The look is completed with a neutral lip color, complementing all skin tones. And the best part? It's quick and easy, so you can look effortlessly chic even on your busiest days!


Typical Tumblr Inspired Makeup Tutorial

If you want to look fabulous while still looking casual, then you should copy this makeup routine. When you're finished, you're going to end up with light eyes, glowing cheeks, and peach lips. It's the perfect look for when you want to pretend you didn't spend forever in front of the mirror, even though you actually did.


The tutorial captures that effortless Tumblr aesthetic by focusing on a subtle, yet defined eye makeup achieved through neutral eyeshadows and a flick of eyeliner to make your eyes pop. Highlighter is your best friend when it comes to this look, brushed on the high points of your face for that essential radiance so prevalent in Tumblr-inspired styles. And don’t forget a swatch of peachy blush for a soft, sun-kissed charm. The lips? Keep them understated with a peach or nude lip color, adding just a hint of gloss for a natural, yet polished finish.


A Tumblr Inspired Everyday Look

This makeup is perfect for a day at school or a fun day out with your friends. You're going to start by moisturizing your face, apply your foundation and concealer, and then work on your actual makeup. When you're finished, you're going to have dark eyes with light inner corners and bright, full lips.


The Tumblr inspired look leans into the aesthetic that is both edgy and approachable. Grab your favorite eyeshadow palette and opt for cool-toned neutrals to create a defined yet soft crease. Glide on your eyeliner in a winged fashion for that classic Tumblr flair. Don't forget a touch of mascara to bring attention to those eyes. For the lips, swipe on a shade that complements your skin tone but adds a pop of color. Think berry pinks or coral reds to keep things bright and vibrant. Finish with setting spray, and you're good to go!


Tumblr Baddie School Routine

For this look, you're going to need some light eyeshadow, pink lipstick, and orange blush. If you watch the video, you'll learn how to use each product. You'll also learn some lifesaving tips for creating perfect brows and for adding highlighter to your face. Once you're finished with your makeup, the woman in this tutorial will even show you how to do your hair in a cute new style.


Sticking to that essential Tumblr baddie aesthetic, it's all about blending in those soft shades with confidence. The tutorial helps simplify some of the more daunting steps, giving even beginners a chance to master the look. With practical guidance, it won't be long before your school routine includes effortlessly slick winged liner and those ever-important, selfie-worthy pouty lips. The video is a treasure trove of tricks for achieving a flawless yet laid-back vibe that'll have heads turning in the hallways. Remember: it's all about embodying that cool-girl flair with each brush stroke.


Everyday Makeup Tutorial

This is a look that you'd see frequently on Tumblr or Instagram. In order to recreate it, you're going to contour your face to make your lips look bigger and your nose look smaller. Then you're going to apply some shimmery shadow, curl your lashes, and add mascara. Then you should finish it off with lip liner!


Sure, it's easy to think this look is all about the drama, but it's actually designed to enhance your natural beauty without going over the top. Start with a light foundation that matches your skin tone perfectly and conceals any blemishes. Then, using a soft, fluffy brush, sweep a neutral eyeshadow over your lids for a subtle pop of color. Don't forget to fill in your brows for a polished, defined look. A swipe of rosy blush on the cheeks gives you that lovely, just-pinched glow. Lastly, choose a nude lipstick or a clear gloss to keep your lips looking plump and kissable.


Full Faced Glam Makeup Tutorial

If you're not afraid to try out bold new looks, then here's a unique makeup routine that you're going to love testing out. When you're all finished up, you're going to have drastic eyes, brows, and lips. It'll make you look like a complete badass.

Instead of staring at the beautiful girls on Tumblr, wishing you looked like them, now you can actually recreate their looks! Which one of these makeup routines is your favorite?

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You and I look at very different things on tumblr.

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