10 Makeup Tips for Girls Suffering from Resting Bitch Face ...


10 Makeup Tips for Girls Suffering from Resting Bitch Face ...
10 Makeup Tips for Girls Suffering from Resting Bitch Face ...

Don't you hate when people walk up to you and ask you what's wrong, even though you're in a perfectly good mood? It's frustrating, but it's what's always happens when you have resting bitch face. People just assume that you're miserable, because of the way that you look when you don't think anyone else is paying attention. Well, you don't have to deal with those pesky comments forever. Here are a few makeup tips for women with resting bitch face:

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Add White Shadow to the Inner Corners of Your Eyes

Add White Shadow to the Inner Corners of Your Eyes If you look tired and miserable, then it'll make your resting bitch face worse. That's why you should add a dab of white eyeshadow to the inner corners of your eyes as soon as you finish the rest of your eye makeup. That little bit of shadow will create the illusion that your eyes are wider and you're more awake. That means you'll look friendlier than usual.


Wear Bright Lipstick Instead of Dark Lipstick

Wear Bright Lipstick Instead of Dark Lipstick If you wear dark colored lips, you'll look like a badass. However, you might look like you don't want to be bothered. That's why you should try wearing bright lipstick and pairing it with a colorful outfit. It'll make you look bubbly and ready for a conversation, even when you're not smiling and are just staring straight into the distance.


Don’t Create Eyebrows That Are Too Sharp

Don’t Create Eyebrows That Are Too Sharp Eyebrows are important in this day and age. However, you don't want to make them look too fierce. If they're super sharp and pointed, then you'll look a little too intense. But if you keep them rounded, it'll make your face look softer. That means people will be more willing to approach you.


Highlight Your Face in the Right Places

Highlight Your Face in the Right Places Highlighting your face is a lot simpler than contouring your face. All you have to do is make an upside down triangle underneath your eyes, make a line down your nose, and dab a little bit on your chin. When you're finished, your face will look brighter in the spots that you applied the highlighter. It'll put a little life into your look.


Add Color to Your Cheeks

Add Color to Your Cheeks You don't want your face to look too pale. In order to fix it, all you have to do is add a little bit of color to your cheeks. Either grab some light pink blush or use your lipstick as blush, so that it matches your lips. Just make sure that the color is light and subtle. You don't want anything too dark and dramatic.

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Cover up the Bags under Your Eyes

Cover up the Bags under Your Eyes Adding white to your inner corners might not be enough. You should also remember to cover up the bags underneath your eyes. That way, you won't look like you've had a rough night and hate the world.


To camouflage those pesky under-eye bags, utilize a creamy, peach-toned concealer that's one shade lighter than your skin. Gently dab it on the dark areas and blend well—this not only conceals darkness but also brightens your overall complexion. Top it off with a translucent setting powder to ensure the concealer stays put all day long, and—voilà! You'll radiate a bright, youthful vibe that makes it seem like you got your eight hours of beauty sleep. Just remember, a little goes a long way when it comes to concealers, so keep it natural to avoid drawing more attention to the area.


Use Light Eye Makeup

Use Light Eye Makeup Smokey eyes are sexy, but you don't have to cover your lids with dark makeup every time you leave the house. If you're just going to the store or to school, then you should try using light eye makeup. Try different shades of pink or even light brown.


Don't Wing Your Liner

eyebrow, face, cheek, hair, nose, A fabulous trick for preventing, or at least mellowing your resting bitch face, is to stop your liner at the outter corner of your eye. This prevents an overdone look that makes your eyes look fierce. Using a lighter shade of liner also helps because it's not as harsh. Opt for a brown instead of black or even add a pop of color.


Use False Lashes

hair, face, black hair, person, blue, Other girls who suffer from RBF swear by false lashes. They make your eyes appear wider and larger, making you look friendlier. I guess I've never really paid attention to lashes that much but I suppose I see how wider doll-like eyes could make you appear more approachable. :)


Use Shimmer

hair, eyebrow, face, cheek, nose, Whether it's a shimmery shadow, gloss, or even applying some shimmery bronzer, adding shimmer is another fan favorite of RBF sufferers. It's add an angelic glow to your face without being overbearing like you're trying to hard.

If you follow these makeup tips, then your face will look a little more open and welcoming, even when you're not smiling. Do you suffer from resting bitch face?

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So do everything as usual but skip the wing?! Hmmmm 🤔

I always look like 😒 lol

I wish this was about enhancing rbf instead of working against it haha

Ha! That is so me. I do a number of those & strangers will still just come up to me and say, "smile."

: ) yes I do lol ! Thanks for these tips :) xx

The only advice you left out was "tie strings to the corners of your mouth and attach the strings to your ears".

I use white shimmery shadow in the inner corners of my eyes,it looks so pretty and makes my eyes pop and look bigger,I like these tips good article

I surely need as much tips as I can get because I definitely have a resting bitch face. So thank you for this post 🙌🏾

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