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We all have our weird and quirky habits, even when it comes to how we wear make-up and the ways in which we apply it. Occasionally, some group will decide to poll women and find out all their habits and dirty little secrets. You usually see the results published in fashion magazines. It’s interesting to see how others are doing things. Not only is it enjoyable, but you can also pick up some new tips and tricks to streamline your routine. Here some interesting stats about women’s make-up habits. Enjoy!

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Beauty is Second Biggest

Out of the top five categories of stuff that women spend their money on, beauty comes in at the #2 spot. That’s before food, entertainment and many other things. Can you believe that? Women are spending a huge part of their income on beauty, which includes all the cosmetics they wear on a daily basis. Crazy!


Mouth Open

Of the women polled, nearly 100 percent of them admit to applying mascara with their mouth open. Maybe you never gave it much thought or attention, but pay attention next time you put yours on. Chances are, your mouth falls open while you do it. That just makes it easier, right?


Number of Products

A recent survey reports that three percent of women use a staggering 12 or more products in their daily beauty routine. Whoa! Can you imagine how long that would take? On the other hand, nearly 70 percent of women use a more manageable three or fewer products each day. Where do you fall on the spectrum?


Northeast Girls Love Lipstick

According to a poll questioning women about their lipstick habits, four times the number of ladies who live in the Northeast part of the United States wear lipstick when compared to their Midwestern counterparts. I generally stay away from lipstick because it just gets all over my kids’ faces. No, I don’t live in the Midwest. And yes, I do know what a great lipstick can do for self-esteem.


We like Free

Not all of us though. It seems that 72 percent of women have purchased a beauty product only because it comes with a free sample of something else. I’m guilty. How can you pass up free? Have you ever bought something you didn’t need just for the free gift? If you need the product anyway, the free sample is just icing on the cake and may help you find a new favorite.


We Lose It

Nothing sucks more than losing a favorite lip gloss. According to statistics, 47 percent of us lose three or more lip glosses every year. Mine are usually lost in the bottom of the minefield I call my purse. If you find a favorite shade, stock up so that you never have to go without.


Time Spent Applying

For most of us, about 42 percent, 6 to 10 minutes is plenty of time to get make-up applied just right. I fall into that category. Hey, I have three kids. I have to be fast. A tiny 3 percent of you spend more than 20 minutes applying make-up. Where do you fall?


We like the Way We Feel

For nearly all women, 94 percent to be precise, we wear make-up because it makes us feel more confident and secure. I’m at the age where I don’t freak out about going to the store or through the drive-thru bare faced, but I haven’t reached the point where I’ll drop my kids off at school or hang out with friends without putting it on. What about you?


We like Trendy

Nearly half of women polled say that they follow make-up trends on social media. That’s because it’s the best way to find out what new items are popular and find out more about them. Plus, we like to do what the celebrities are doing, so reading about their make-up habits is part informational, part guilty pleasure.

What are your make-up habits? Do you fit into any of these stats?

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Cleanser, moisturiser, primer, foundation, concealer, powder, blush, brow pencil/colour, mascara and eyeliner. 10 products and a 20 minute routine.

Whoops, I forgot to mention primer. Lol

I have 7 makeup products: foundation, powder, eyeshadow, 2 mascaras, and lip gloss. It takes me about 20 minutes to do. I only wear makeup when I'm going to be around teens (school, college visits, going to the mall.etc), but I don't wear makeup if I'm making a lazy trip to Walmart or something. Although, I think I'm going to wear makeup on a daily basis when I go to college in August. There will be college people everywhere I go, and I want to look and feel my best.

For me, just bb ceeam with SPF 50 and tinted lip balm. I usually tint my lashes and brows because they are blonde. I do love skincare stuff too!

Well for me I don't wear makeup at all, because it really difficult for me. I'm probably that 3% of women that don't wear makeup at all. But when i do it take me a HALF an hour because seriously idk how to put on makeup!!!!!😂

I do not open my mouth when applying mascara... I've heard of this before and took note of it. I have to do my makeup in a certain order...foundation, eyes, cheeks, eyebrows, loose powder, then lipstick.

I live in the Midwest but love lipstick... This is a big problem as everyone judges you for wearing lipstick

I take 10 mins or less because I am following a trend (no make up look) so all I use is mascara, bby cream, lip balm, and white eyeliner. It looks fresh faced :)

- sunscreen - primer - foundation - contour - highlight - blusher - setting powder - eyebrows - eyeshadow - eyeliner - mascara - lipgloss - lipstick.

I hardly wear makeup but when I do I use foundation, eye shadow, eye liner, and Chapstick and it takes me 5 minutes.

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