Going Nude? Here's How to Rock the Nude Make-up Trend ...


Nude make-up is having its moment right now, which means you are probably wondering how you can pull it off. It turns out that wearing nude shades is fairly easy and there are many ways you can give it a try. Nude make-up is available in multiple price ranges so you are sure to find something that fits with your budget. While you’re at it, use the following tips for getting it just right. You are going to look so fabulous!

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Follow a Good Routine

Because nude make-up enhances your natural look, it’s important to follow a pretty strict skincare routine so that you have a flawless palette to get started with. Experts recommend proper cleansing and using toner and moisturizer every single day. You should also make sure you are drinking plenty of water and eating healthy foods all day long. Now you’re ready for your nude make-up.


Use Concealer

Experts differ in their opinions of whether to wear foundation for the nude trend. Some say it’s a good idea while others recommend skipping it altogether for the perfect nude look. You can choose to wear it or not, but either way, you’ve got to use a concealer to mask skin discolorations and blemishes on your skin.


Illuminate with Blush

The thing about going nude is that you should stay away from traditional blush colors and choose a color that illuminates your cheeks while also blending in to your skin tone. Some make-up artists suggest choosing a bronzer that is almost identical to your natural skin color. That way it highlights your cheekbones without being too obvious.


Skip Eyeshadow

This tip makes me nervous because I always wear eyeshadow to open up my eyes and make them stand out. For the nude look, though, experts say to skip wearing eyeshadow and eyeliner and to instead curl the lashes and apply a couple of coats of black mascara to make your peepers stand out. Could you do it?


Exfoliate Your Lips

Nude lipsticks are all the rage right now, but they need a smooth, clean set of lips to go on. Gently exfoliate your kisser to remove dead skin cells and rough skin so that you have a flawless start on nude lipstick. I like to exfoliate my lips with a simple combination of olive oil and white sugar. It doesn’t taste horrible and is fine to get in your mouth. Easy, right?


Choose Lipstick Carefully

Again, when you choose your nude lipstick color, it’s important to get one that’s as close to your natural lip color as possible. The point is to play up what you have with a little bit of help, but not look like you are wearing a full face of make-up. This step is going to require some testing and trial and error, so be sure you are shopping somewhere that allows for returns and that offers products that aren’t horribly expensive.


Ease into It

Instead of going all nude all at one time, you might consider trying it here and there instead. For example, go for nude eyes, but wear bright lipstick. Or rock your favorite eye look and wear nude lipstick. This allows you to play up your best features while also toning things down a little bit. Either way, you can’t go wrong!

What kinds of nude make-up do you wear? Do you have any other tips for applying it?

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This makes me laugh, who is the "expert on nude makeup"?😂😂

tnx for the info

I love it ❤️ thank you!!!

I prefer nude lips with smokey eyes. I apply nude liner on my lips as well and definitely skip the gloss!

I agree with these tips and I am mostly in my nude makeup. I usually go with kohl and mascara in my eyes and a nude lipstick with a little bit peach or beige blush. You also get these nude pearls of peach, baby pink and light yellow pearls which can be used as a blush. Earrings always complement and complete my nude makeup 😉

If you're going nude makeup? Wouldn't you just be better off with no makeup? It's natural nude

@pizzalife it's actually about what you wrote shyness being a bad trait as it's not of course. Sorry not the gap in the teeth. It's still wrong to bring people down and judge them no matter the category your bringing them down in

I agree with these tips. You can always be trendy and still beat to your own drum. I wear the nude look but I still use liner on my eyes to give my eyes a little bit of "pop".

@ pizza life about your comment about a gap in the teeth not being good. Just pointing out that judging others is not a good look either

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