7 Ways to Get Your Makeup Ready for Spring ...


Ways to get your makeup ready for spring coming right up and they don’t involve shopping! Ha! Surprised? Well, your spring makeup doesn’t have to be all brand new to be enjoyable! Time to shake things up a bit, ladies, and I mean literally! Follow these ways to get your makeup ready for spring and you’re guaranteed to enjoy your makeup much more!

1. Invest in a Nice Storage Solution

First and foremost, a new season should be about improvement! Why not use it as a perfect excuse to finally solve your storage issues and give your makeup that much-needed special place? DIY your own super cute storage boxes, purchase them from your favorite home depot or work out any other solution that will help you keep your makeup organized, clean and, most importantly, scratch and breakage free! There are other ways to get your makeup ready for spring too but let’s start with this one, shall we? After all, I’m sure you don’t want your precious pots and vials jumbling together and leaking any longer!

Check Expiration Dates
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